March 5, 2018

Better Late Than Never...

Sunday... was a pretty good day.

I finally got out fishing for the first time in 2018. Wow, that took a long time.

This was the first fish of the year, a pretty undersized and gnarly bass. Not certain if you can see but it's got some sort of wound on its back (underneath all the muck).

Regardless, the weather was really nice (a bit windy, but I'm not complaining), and I brought about a half dozen cookie-cutter bass to hand, with the random bluegill or two thrown in for good measure.

More importantly, Sunday was also Lilly's 12th birthday. And I only bury this at the bottom of the post because I don't think she likes Dad writing about her on the blog much anymore, but man I love this kid so much...

Happy Birthday Lilly!


  1. My, she is growing up. The birthday cake looks like a family crest? Cool idea. Happy 12th Lilly.

    1. It's the Harry Potter "Hogwarts" crest, like on her t-shirt. She's a Harry Potter nut, and claims to be from the house of Hufflepuff...

  2. Man where does the time go.
    Mike I can remember when Lilly was so small.

    Happy Birthday Lilly.

  3. I'm glad to hear you got out. I've yet to get out this year yet. Mid 60s on Friday so I may venture out to see if I can find some ice water. Happy birthday Miss Lilly.