February 26, 2018

Grayling... Because Man Cannot Fish For Trout Alone...

Grayling have always been a "bucket list" species for me. Once or twice I've been in the right place, but evidently not at the right time to make that happen.

In relation to that pursuit, there have been two really quite thorough resources on grayling posted online in the past few weeks. Thought I'd share them here and I hope you enjoy the referrals if you happen to share the same interest in this beautifully different fish.

Image Courtesy: Discover Tenkara

The first resource is from Discover Tenkara (is there anything these guys don't do well)?  It's a very detailed breakdown of all the rods, flies, techniques, in grayling fishing and can be found HERE. I mean it's pretty much everything you'd want to know, without them actually taking you physically out on the water. And despite the fact that it's from Discover Tenkara, there is plenty here for those who are not tenkara-centric anglers.

The second is a very long infographic provided by Barbless-flies.co.uk, a UK-based fishing retailer. The graphic really speaks for itself and gives you a pretty solid A-Z on fishing for grayling. Definitely worth a scroll from top to bottom, and also includes a full list of source URLs at the end if you'd like to take your research to the next level.

Hooked on Grayling


  1. I've been wanting to catch a grayling for years. I hope to catch my first this summer in Yellowstone.

  2. I caught a nice one in Section Corner Lake, in the Wind Rivers wilderness. (They also can be found in Zimmerman Reservoir, on Cameron Pass west of Ft. Collins, Colorado.

  3. Really interesting read Mike. Even though we have Grayling in Colorado, I don't believe I've ever caught one. I wonder whether they're good to eat?

    1. No clue. I've never seen one on a menu. Only photos of anglers fondling their dorsal fins.