February 5, 2018


Never thought it would happen in my lifetime...

As a lifelong Eagles fan, I'm still in disbelief. This doesn't happen to "us."

January 1981: Oakland 27 - Philadelphia 10
February 2005: New England 24 - Philadelphia 21
February 2018: Philadelphia 41 - New England 33

Is that last score correct? We were playing Tom Brady, right?

Particularly this team, who lost its franchise quarterback, perennial All-Pro left tackle, all-purpose running back/kick returner, and starting middle linebacker to injury, just to name a few...

Wow. How about those Underdogs.

And yes, plane tickets have been purchased, I'll be at the parade. Maybe I'll see you there...


  1. FILLY DILLY! Unbelievable game, and it finally happened. :)

  2. As a rabid Pat's fan, that was a tough one... But, both teams offenses played well, and Philly's D just a hair better landing the most important play of the night with that strip sack. Hell of a game for them - truly the best team of the year start to finish. Tip of the hat to Philly!

  3. Congrats and enjoy the parade...it should be a crazy one.

  4. I just sat down to send you a "celebrate, celebrate, dance" well you know the song. I was rooting for your Eagles. Great game.

  5. Congrats the Eagles and you as a fan. It was a great game, and I didn't think they were really going to pull it out against Tom Brady and crew, but they sure proved me wrong. What a game!

  6. I was rooting for the Eagles this once. Congrats Mike!

  7. Best game I've seen in years! Coaching and QB were sine qua non.