February 26, 2018

Grayling... Because Man Cannot Fish For Trout Alone...

Grayling have always been a "bucket list" species for me. Once or twice I've been in the right place, but evidently not at the right time to make that happen.

In relation to that pursuit, there have been two really quite thorough resources on grayling posted online in the past few weeks. Thought I'd share them here and I hope you enjoy the referrals if you happen to share the same interest in this beautifully different fish.

Image Courtesy: Discover Tenkara

The first resource is from Discover Tenkara (is there anything these guys don't do well)?  It's a very detailed breakdown of all the rods, flies, techniques, in grayling fishing and can be found HERE. I mean it's pretty much everything you'd want to know, without them actually taking you physically out on the water. And despite the fact that it's from Discover Tenkara, there is plenty here for those who are not tenkara-centric anglers.

The second is a very long infographic provided by Barbless-flies.co.uk, a UK-based fishing retailer. The graphic really speaks for itself and gives you a pretty solid A-Z on fishing for grayling. Definitely worth a scroll from top to bottom, and also includes a full list of source URLs at the end if you'd like to take your research to the next level.

Hooked on Grayling

February 18, 2018

Vintage DIY Fly Box

The concept of a Do It Yourself (DIY) fly box is nothing new. Often, you'll see repurposed Altoids tins, or even random plastic containers such as pill boxes serve as the base... but it's not often you find them fashioned from an antique tobacco tin. As such, when reader Mark White sent his project in, I really wanted to share:

"There are numerous manufacturers of fly boxes on the market. All very well made along the spectrum of cost. I was searching for some a little more unique.

One weekend while browsing the local antique store I came across a “tin” that used to hold pipe tobacco. Due to the character and printing on the container, the DIY wheels began to turn.

I cut a piece of foam the size of the container and hot glued it to the bottom the tin to keep it secure and a place to hold the flies. I prefer one with an attached lid so there’s one less thing to deal with on the stream. It measures approximately 1 x 3 x 4 inches and fits nicely in a shirt pocket.

Not only does this make a good fly box but, should you have one that belonged to your grandfather, a place to hold memories."

February 13, 2018

Tenkara Tuesday: A Slightly Stale, (But Meaningful) News Roundup

A lot's gone on since the last installment of Tenkara Tuesday, so figured I'd do a round-up of sorts, if for no other reason than to write up a new post. Some of this may be news to you, some may not, but it's all pretty cool. Hope you enjoy...

I guess I'll start with my friends over at Discover Tenkara. I mean I feature them quite frequently because they've been pumping out such great content over the past few years.

Unfortunately, the news is quite horrifying, as due to a dispute with a former business partner, they've lost the rights to sell many of the most popular titles in their multi-media library. While they're currently in the process of creating some new product to keep the business (and free episodes of Tenkara in Focus) afloat, they've also established a Patreon account for those that appreciate their work and want to sponsor their future efforts. If it's something you might be interested in, check out this LINK and video below for more details.

While the last thing I need is another tenkara rod, I couldn't control myself and pre-ordered one from Badger Tenkara the other week. They're offering a refined version of their popular UNC rod with what they describe as "high flex" action. As an owner of some premium full flex Japanese tenkara rods, I'm interested to see how they execute this "Rocky Creek Special." Even though some of the deeper early bird discounts are now gone, rods can still be purchased for $98, a discount of  $17. More info can be found HERE.

Photo: Badger Tenkara

Oh, and since we're talking rods, check out the bend on this one! This display by Tenkara Rod Co. certainly isn't "tenkara" as I know it, but it certainly looks like a lot of fun... am I right?

I probably would have freaked out and broken off on this fish, but cool to see they brought it to hand.

There have also been a few good interviews published over the past few weeks. One of the more recent was an interview with Tenkara-Fisher's Adam Trahan featured on Christophe Laurent's Tenkara Enso blog. It's a bit of a lengthy read, but worth the time if you're not familiar with Adam's backstory or views on tenkara moving forward.

Last but not least, I gotta sneak in that the "Call for Submissions" for the Spring 2018 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine is now open. If you'd like to contribute to this quarter's magazine, more details are available HERE.

February 5, 2018


Never thought it would happen in my lifetime...

As a lifelong Eagles fan, I'm still in disbelief. This doesn't happen to "us."

January 1981: Oakland 27 - Philadelphia 10
February 2005: New England 24 - Philadelphia 21
February 2018: Philadelphia 41 - New England 33

Is that last score correct? We were playing Tom Brady, right?

Particularly this team, who lost its franchise quarterback, perennial All-Pro left tackle, all-purpose running back/kick returner, and starting middle linebacker to injury, just to name a few...

Wow. How about those Underdogs.

And yes, plane tickets have been purchased, I'll be at the parade. Maybe I'll see you there...

February 4, 2018

Familiar Podcast Voices

You into podcasts?  Here's a few recent ones with some names familiar to this blog...
Check 'em out! Good listens each and every one.

Karin Miller of Zen Tenkara on the Remote, No Pressure podcast:

Bart Lombardo of Panfish on the Fly on the Tenkara Cast podcast:

And Justin Carfagnini of CARF Outdoors on The Hub podcast by fish.porn: