A Cheeky Job Opportunity In Your Future?

Working in the sporting goods space (in a round-about way), means you end up on a lot of "industry" email lists. Business journals, press releases, even career opportunity listings can find their way into your inbox on almost a daily basis. In skimming one yesterday, it was hard to miss that it appears the parent company of Cheeky Fishing is looking for someone to essentially run their fishing business...

"Cheeky Fishing is seeking a Brand Manager (Cheeky BM) who will assume a leadership role managing all aspects of the Cheeky Fishing brand. The Cheeky BM will report directly to the CEO of North Point Brands, and as such, will play a critical role in managing day-to-day business operations for the entire entity. The Cheeky BM role is ideal for individuals who are seeking a position in the outdoors/fishing industry and who thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial work environment. The Cheeky BM position is demanding and provides an opportunity to learn and develop a wide variety of business skills."

So if that's something of interest... here's a link to the details. Probably would help if you lived in New England. Looks like they want to hire quickly...

While I'm no headhunter, just thought I'd pass it along. Heck, tell 'em Troutrageous Mike sent ya, (to which they'll likely ask, "who the f*ck is that?")


  1. Thanks for the info, but a little far to commute. Besides they probably don't want the senior Geezer. Too old for a "fast paced" environment.

    1. I always laugh at that when I see it in job descriptions... Basically because I've never seen one that calls for a "slow paced" environment. Ha!

  2. So those jerks that were running it finally got canned I guess or left? Man, those guys were full of themselves. Anyway, yeah, it's me - being me - you know, just for old times sake. LOL

    1. Or they're getting bigger and need more help... Beats me.
      Good to know you're still out there "RK".

  3. Whenever I'm at the store looking for something and an employee asks if I need any help, I usually open with the line "Troutrageous Mike sent me....and I'm looking for...." I'm convinced one of these days it's going to get me a discount. It's like whenever I walk into someone's house that I have never been in, I always clap my hands with hopes I'm going to shut off and turn on lights. Someones gotta own one of those things. (The Clapper for those of you who don't get the reference.)


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