August 15, 2017

Tenkara Tuesday: Eye Catching New Rods

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

Just happened to notice some really striking new tenkara rods being teased on Facebook the past week or so. While they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," it's certainly interesting to see some unique looks being produced.

The following photos have been lifted from Facebook, I don't think the owners of the contributing pages will mind... I mean the posts were set to "public" for a reason...

"Built to be one of the most ELITE Fixed Line Nymphing Rods on the planet!! Our Hardware Package was machined and anodized right here in the USA!! All our grips are lathed and constructed right here in SE Tennessee. Each Rod is meticulously assembled one at a time by the guy who designed the rods."
- Riverworks Company USA

Images courtesy: Riverworks Company USA Facebook Page

"Alps Tanuki Special designed in Italy by Italian. it is a collaboration work between US, Italian, and Chinese rod Engineers. When it comes to design, it is hard to beat Italian. The AlpsTanukiSpecial action is not the same Tanuki XL. It is designed for a full rod casting, it means you hold on the lower section of the grip. The action is a little slower and flies land gently on the water. It is a Tanuki XL family which designed for more Traditional Japanese fly manipulation both dry and kebari does not mean you can't use double October Caddis."
-Tenkara Tanuki

Images courtesy: Tenkara Tanuki Rods Facebook Page

Those are definitely some eye-catching rods. Very different from the norm.
I guess the next question is, "but how do they catch fish?"


  1. Those are certainly interesting looking. But I really wonder about what the actions are like.

    1. Why let performance get in the way of looks. Ha!
      Would be fun to test drive these, see how they behave on the water, no doubt.
      Especially the Alps Tanuki XL, since its evidently slightly different than the normal Tanuki XL.

  2. Mighty nice looking. And yes, I did find "my documents".