JAX Pond Bassin'

Nothing crazy to write about today, but I did get out and do just a little (local) fishing this weekend.

Living down here in North Florida, there aren't that many like-minded folks who actually enjoy (or understand) the fun and frivolity of fly fishing for bass with tenkara rods. Fortunately, my friend Lee is one of them, and we met up on Saturday evening to hit one of the neighborhood parks.

Fishing wasn't fast, nor furious, but we caught more than our fair share of small bass and aggressive bream.

Arms strategically extended to exaggerate size of fish

And for those gearheads out there curious about what tackle we were using... We were both slinging Dragontail Hellbender rods, Lee opting for floating line, and myself a furled line.

A black woolly bugger seemed to work best for me, and Lee had luck with both a small popper and a simple fly consisting of a hook with a few wraps of gray dubbing.

Simple, fun, & effective... and no fingers lost to stray gators. A win on many levels!

Oh, and if you happened to stumble on this post and actually do want to learn more about the dark art of Florida "tenkara," please check out our Facebook group on the subject HERE.


  1. Well, at least you got out and into some fish. That's more than I can say. Nice looking bass.

    1. Thanks, it was pretty fun, can't complain at all.

  2. Michael
    Fly fisherman are certainly in a minority here as well, I haven't found a sole who fly fishes in this neighborhood. I sometime wonder what hobbies other folks have besides golf and fishing. Those size bluegill and bass had to be a hoot on the long rod!! Thanks for sharing

    1. We've got some fly fishermen in JAX. We've got redfish here. I'm just lazy and don't like to play the tides game. Bluegill and small bass are so much fun on a light tenkara rod, bends like crazy.

  3. Don't get much better. looks like you both had a great day. Thanks much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Ralph. Yeah, Lee's a good guy... always enjoyable fishing with him.


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