August 24, 2017

Dr. Goodwin's Artisan Sporting Buckles and Belts

From time to time I receive email "press releases" from folks in the fishing and sporting goods industry. If you write a fishing blog, or perhaps ever attended a trade show like IFTD or ICAST, you may receive them too. While they're nothing more than specially crafted advertisements, sometimes one of them catches my eye. So today here's a press release I received from Dr. Mark Goodwin, perhaps it interests you as well:

"Mark Goodwin is an internationally recognized award winning small metal sculpture and fabrication artist. An avid outdoorsman who loves to fish and hunt, he also has a passion to create wearable art in the form of belt buckles and belts. Mark says, “I hand make very affordable artisan belt buckles that can be worn on any occasion, 365 days a year. They are perfect gifts either for yourself, family, groomsmen and, bridesmaids or to corporate clients to commemorate outings.”

He makes each buckle, one at a time, in his Apalachicola, Florida studio on the Forgotten Coast. He only uses hand tools and traditional methods. Up to 5 different recycled USA metals are joined together- bronze, copper, brass, nickel, and pewter. His designs often include gemstones and other materials. No two creations are identical- each is unique.

In addition to his casual and dress buckles, Mark makes his perfect GatorGrip© Belt. “I got tired of belts with buckles that slipped during an active day in the field and on the water.” So, he designed and built his GatorGrip© buckle so that it cannot slip. Ever. And because it is made of cartridge brass, it will not rust. The 100% nylon web belt is comfortable, handsome, and strong. “See why I say: My toothy grip will never slip! This will be your favorite belt, guaranteed. And while it makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift, there is no reason to wait until Christmas to get one for yourself or someone else.”

All of the metals exhibit their natural colors. He rubs the metal against stainless steel shot to make it shine, and then he hand rubs it with a warm mixture or turpentine and beeswax. No paint or lacquer is used.”Paint, lacquer, and synthetic coatings are bright for a while. But they will eventually yellow, crack, chip, and wear away. Wax finishes give off a soft glow and are fairly durable. Of course, wax can be re-applied (or not) on occasion, according to the desire of the owner.”

Buckles and belts can be purchased in select sporting art galleries, or from his webstore Price ranges from $60 to $249."

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As mentioned in the intro, I received this press release via email. I have no personal or professional relationship with Mark Goodwin and received no compensation for this post. I just happened to find his creations interesting and thought you might too. Plus, "copy & paste" makes for an easy blog post when you've got nothing novel to write...