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Saturday, July 22: Fishing The North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River

Before we start, let's just leave this here for a second...

Gorgeous, right?
The fishing part of the 2017 Tenkara Bug Out was centered around "self-guided" sections of the North Fork Middle Fork Willamette River. For a guy accustomed to fishing much smaller streams, this provided some big boulders, deep pools, and fast water opportunities, all within a picturesque canyon setting.
John Huber describes the North Fork as follows in the Flyfisher's Guide to Oregon: "The North Fork offers a fly angler 30 miles to wade and fish, as well as tributaries worth exploring... Fish are generally smaller here, with an occasional fish up to 19 inches caught... Most of the smaller rivers and tributaries can be fished with basic dries and nymph patterns and techniques..."
Bug Out host, Jim Vandagrift did a great job assigning everybody beats of the North Fork to fish and made the entry and exit points easily visible from the road that ran alongside the stream. On Saturday mo…

Opening Act: A Visit To Salt Creek Falls

In preparing a loose agenda for the recent trip out to Oregon, I was looking for something to do in the short amount of time between the time the flight arrived and the evening "check in" for the Tenkara Bug Out. Outside of driving 45 minutes from Eugene to Oakridge, which would serve as my base camp for the weekend, I'd have about 3 or 4 hours to burn.

Fortunately, one of the more prominent tourist attractions was very close by, Salt Creek Falls, just a half hour down the road on Route 58. Billed as the "second tallest" falls in Oregon, Salt Creek flows through a wonderfully maintained piece of forest, with hiking trails, picnic areas, and of course, a prominent stone overlook that provides a fantastic view of the falls.

Even when not marveling at the falls themselves, the view of the canyon was absolutely stunning...

Now having the fishing gear in the trunk of the car, it would have been downright negligent of me to not give the stretch of water above the fal…

The 2017 Tenkara Bug Out

What an awesome weekend in Oregon. It's actually not over (for me) yet, if you're reading this on Monday, I'm probably wandering somewhere around Crater Lake National Park.

Back to business, the primary reason why I'm in Oregon is that I've always wanted to fish in the Pacific Northwest, and had an awesome excuse with the first Tenkara Bug Out being held in the Oakridge/Westfir area... which is quite the paradise for the outdoor recreation crowd.

The Bug Out was spread over Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning, and unlike other tenkara events I've attended in the past, it was less "classroom," and more informal get-together, and more importantly... fishing!

I think the turnout was in the mid-30s, the perfect size to walk around and meet almost everyone. It was nice to see a good mix of attendees, from tenkara novices all the way up through the seasoned. Our host Jim Vandagrift really went above and beyond and did a fantastic job setting …

Photos From The Field

Last Sunday I found myself back in Philadelphia-area for the day... which certainly makes for a good excuse to toss a few photos into a quick post to document the goings on. Plus, my rental car was a sweet little red Kia Soul. I kinda liked it...

Fishing Report and Visiting A New River

Ahhh... it's been nice to be back in Pennsylvania for a few days. Even got to do a little fishing, and I do mean a little, but it was all good. A nice recharge of the batteries, as nothing beats the summer heat like a wet wade through some nice, cold water while chasing trout beneath the shade of a wooded canopy. Well, almost nothing...

Saturday: Valley Creek
On Saturday I snuck out to Valley Creek, my old stomping grounds. I'm not going to lie, I didn't have a very good day on the fishing front. I caught two fish, but they were so small I didn't bother to take photos. I'm talking fingerling size, both caught almost one after the other on a size 16 Copper John about 20 yards upstream from the wooden foot bridge. (If you've been to Valley, you know where I'm talking about). The rod of the day was the (updated and new to me) Tenkara Times TRY 360.

Every time I visit Valley, it's much different than the last. It's crazy how much Mother Nature can change…