May 30, 2017

Trout On The Brain, Bass On The Line

Hadn't fished the neighborhood ponds in a while, so went out last night to wet a line once the sun started getting low(er) in the sky. It had to be in the mid-90s yesterday, so I was hiding indoors most of the day.

Really wanted to catch a few fish, as I probably won't be able to do any fishing (or consistent blogging) for the next two weeks. It's all good though, the bass and bluegill cooperated to the tune of a baker's dozen, so it was a fun evening by the water.

I couldn't help notice how the small bass brought to hand reminded me a bit of catching rainbow trout. They're about the same size as the small stream rainbows I chase, both species like to jump and take flight, and as you're stripping that fly around underwater structure and see that "flash," you know it's game on. I think I just have trout on the brain...

Since this might be the last post for a bit, sure don't mind leaving these photos up for a while. Warmwater fish can be damn pretty too.


  1. You have revived my hope in fishing the ponds! Fishable water is limited right now out here with the runoff. Beautiful catches!

  2. Great photos, very vivid---I am jealous!!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Bravo buddy. There are some great colors going on.
    What's the fly?

  4. Great pics! Hungry fish make for great days on the water. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I live in CT, but still regularly fish for bass. One of the best fighting fish out there. I grew up in Jax, so I know how those summers are. Hit the beach!

  6. Nice to see you doing something constructive with your life Mike. Happy birthday and enjoying your trip!