April 25, 2017

Operation Oregon Escape 2017


Oakridge, Oregon & Surrounding Areas

July 21-23: Tenkara Bug Out
July 24: Crater Lake National Park

Slightly dejected from my Georgia fishing trip, I pondered the potential next steps on Sunday night. May and June are not really an option for another fishing getaway, (which means no Midwest Tenkara Fest this year), so I turned my sights on July. But where to go? Hopefully somewhere a little cooler in climate than Florida.

Staring blankly at my computer screen and pondering fishing destinations in my head, I noticed Tom Davis' post on the Tenkara Bug Out in my blogroll. I had considered the Bug Out for about 5 minutes a month ago but dismissed it, "nah, too far away..." 

A little more motivated, I mentioned it to my wife, and she encouraged me to go. Figured I could fish a few days around the framework of the tenkara get-together, then head a little bit south and visit Crater Lake National Park (which has been a bucket list destination for some time). Maybe find a Sasquatch along the way. She said I should definitely go. I told her I'd think about it.

When I went to work on Monday (yesterday), I was suffering through a cross-functional strategy meeting when one of our "tech guys" entered the room wearing a Crater Lake novelty t-shirt. Coincidence? No way, I consider it a sign... the Universe at work. It's happening. Game on.

Yeah, it's somewhat of an impulsive decision, but you know what, you only live once... and I've got a Delta Airlines travel voucher burning a hole in my pocket. Plus, I've only been to that part of the country once and never fished any of it.

Let's do this. T-minus 3 months...


  1. Oregon has some beautiful places to visit. Not enough time to visit them all. My favorite area is around Bend, Oregon. Lots of beautiful lakes and the rivers at your door step.

    1. We'll see I suppose. Looking forward to it. I've been to Portland for business once. Never got to explore.

  2. Well my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. Standing here outside your door...

  3. Many moons ago, as a BNSF conductor, I ran trains from Balmer Yard Seattle, through Portland to Bend. Beautiful country. Thanks for bringing back memories.

    1. No problem. It looks like a beautiful area of the country.

  4. My Uncle lives in Eugene and has shown me pics from there. That place looks amazing. There's fishable water everywhere.