April 24, 2017

It Was Bound To Happen

I've been fortunate in my fishing to date that whenever I've traveled to fish - Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, etc, etc... I've usually been happy with the results. When I used to live 20 minutes from wild trout, a skunking was never preferred but was never really a big deal either.

Well, this past weekend didn't work out so well. Six and a half hours north to trout water, and, umm... no trout. About a half dozen nibbles, even one long distance release, but no fish to hand.

I know, I know,
"That's why they call it fishing and not catching..."

Oh well, at least it was pretty out and I got a nice workout rock hopping.
It's all good. Until the next time.


  1. It it always nice to bring at least one or two trout to hand but being in a setting like that is certainly a nice consolation prize. The Adirondacks are six hours from where I live.....I have been there, done that. I guess a lack of fish forces you to have to another trip as soon as possible.

    1. You got that right. I'm already taking a peek at my May weekends...

  2. Well, I am surprised by that. so I will lament a little with you......... That sure is a beautiful looking stream and area. I would soak it all up and then realize that sometime in the game of fishing, "The Fish Win"......

  3. Anyone who says they never had an experience like that either doesn't fish enough or is lying.

  4. Your pictures tell a wonderful story, one that many of us can recall - cool clear water, green bushes lining the stream and nothing to do but enjoy.