February 13, 2017

Video: A Valley Creek Skunk

Looks like my old Pennsylvania fishing (& blogging) buddy "Steven Lee" is back to creating outdoors content again. You may remember the name from prior blogs such as The Eastern Fly, The Flyfishing Bowhunter, and The Silent Pursuit.

Over the weekend he put together this video short on my old stomping grounds, Valley Creek. As you may be able to tell by the title, you won't see too many fish come to hand, but the video is still a good watch and man... all those familiar runs and holes make me really miss Valley...

If you're interested in more from Steven you can check out his blog (warning, not just fishing) HERE, or his outdoors-themed YouTube channel HERE.


  1. Thanks, Michael, for bringing The Steven Lee back into focus. I enjoyed watching both videos and visited his blog. I will be adding it to my BlogBuddies blogroll. Appreciate you, my friend!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You never know where and with what name I am gonna pop up with! lol. Hopefully this is it...no more flip flopping.

  3. Hey - I know that guy!
    Good stuff.

  4. Pretty good videos...I'm jealous.