January 4, 2017

2017: It's Gonna Be HUGE!

2017 is going to be a BIG year for the blog. One might even say HUGE. How can it not be? I even snuck out on New Year's day and caught this beast as my first fish of 2017!

I mean it is par for the course with the rest of the dink fish pics posted to this blog over the years, so that's certainly not what's going to make 2017 special...

What is?  I enjoy numbers, so let's review three of them.


I turn 40 years old in June. Cue the music... Hap-py birth-day to me.... The average US male lives to be 78.8 years old, so I'm officially middle aged and closer to death than birth. Yes!


I will have been writing this blog for 25% of my life.

Yes, for a quarter of my life I've been the author of a poorly written blog about some guy who really doesn't fish that much (or that successfully). And get this...a handful people actually still come and read it...

So what does all this mean?
Well, you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out the last number...


It means this blog turns 10 in June! Seems like most blogs only last 10 days, not 10 years, especially those that churn out questionable content like one might find here.

Anyway, a lot has happened in 10 years on the blog.

If you've been around for any length of time, you'd have witnessed the rise of the Owl Jones bromance, blog love given out by the handful, horrible pop-culture references, Wednesday Nibbles, too much of Valley Creek, bad photoshops, my kid grow from 1 to almost 11 years of age, the T! Party, Sacred Cows, oh, and then the ridiculous Japanese fishing obsession hobby. (Did you know the first posts on this blog were about spin-fishing and bending wire & bottle caps to make lures? About as American as it gets, what the heck happened?)

So in 2017 I plan on digging out and re-publishing some of my favorite posts of the past 10 years and taking a walk or two down memory lane. It's extremely egotistical and self-serving, but you might enjoy it too. Maybe. Okay, probably not. But stay tuned. If nothing else, it'll be a simple remedy for writer's block.

I guess this is the time in the post where I'm supposed to say that I also hope to create some new memories too; you know the ol', "ten more years!" But once you hit middle age, well, there are no guarantees. Plus, I always did my best writing late at night, and I'm much too fond of bed these days...


  1. I've always wondered what other event makes June such an awesome month other than my own day of birth. It was yours, as well!

    Those are some big number, and congrats on 10 years. Quite the accomplishment. I'm looking forward to seeing what posts you pull from blog past.

    Cheers to a Huge Year!

  2. Welcome to the 40's club. Just got in last month myself. Best of luck this year. I need to get the blogging but again. I've been pretty lame lately.

  3. Mike
    Congrats on the 40 mark, those 40 years for me are long gone; you live in a paradise of warm water fishing, looking forward to some super size gill post along with the bass for the coming year. Thanks for sharing

  4. I've been feeling old at 35, but dang, you Four-Oh guys are ancient!

  5. Congratulations on all your birthdays, anniversaries and blog posts. You have been a friend to many. (me included, I think)40 is no time to kick back and relax!

  6. Yup, turning (40) and still wearin' jeans.......... Man, that seems like a long time ago for me. I barely remember turning (40). Anyhow, Happy Birthday Michael, once June gets here. Thank you for being one of my BlogBuddies for that entire (10) years and for all the support and confidence in blogging that you have instilled.
    Oh, I really do hope you catch more than one fish for the year. Fish On!!!