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Internet forums, love them or hate them, they're out there, and if you're interested in diving deep into a specific topic, they can be gold mines of really good information... once you side-step the trolls.

One of the oldest, and most popular tenkara forums, Tenkara-Fisher, announced that it will be shutting down at the end of January due to persistent pressures of computer hackers, and is in the process of moving its best content to a more traditional blog format that will be found HERE

(Tom Davis also wrote an article about the topic last week)

In the wake of that news, several of the participants of the Tenkara-Fisher forum have since taken up new residence at the 10 Colors Tenkara forum.

For those of you that are used to participating in older, more established online forums, the 10 Colors Tenkara forum won't really look all that familiar. See what I mean?

It's run on the open-source Discourse platform, which takes a little bit to get used to and to figure out where all of the customary functions live and work... but the learning curve is quick, and once you do, it's great. Fortunately, memorizing forum code to embed things like videos or photos is a thing of the past.

Some added benefits... it not only looks great on desktop, but just as good on mobile, without having to download an additional app, (although Discourse does offer one). You can also use your Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts to log-in.

If that doesn't do it for you, you can still follow along from time to time. Posts on the 10 Colors Tenkara forum have been integrated into a Twitter feed, which is easily followed, HERE

I don't consider myself much of a "forum guy," especially since Facebook groups seem to be the same thing and that's where most people are. However, I do take interest in new technology, so I've definitely been having fun playing around inside the 10 Colors Tenkara forum the past few days. 

Maybe I'll see you over there, it certainly would be nice to have a few more familiar faces stop by.


  1. Great Post Mike! That Discourse platform looks really interesting. I like the format. My problem is social media overload. There's Twitter, all the Facebook groups, forums, Pinterest, etc. I'm actually paring down the number of networks I'm on. Often, it's just redundant information. And like you said, everyone is already on Facebook so why should I check 15 social media accounts per day? But I do think that forum looks cool. I wish we would have had something like that back in 2009 that I could have stuck with. Right now, I've reeled it back to just FB and Twitter (I've even given up on Google+) because it's just too much to deal with. Evolution and survival of the fittest applies to technology as much as it does to living organisms I suppose.

    1. I hear you Jason... So many places to look, so little time. I'm sort of in the same camp - FB, Twitter, IG. I really don't care for FB, but it's hard to ignore. I do wish there were a few less Tenkara groups there though, especially since so much of the content is just re-posted across all of them. I've left quite a few recently in an attempt of streamlining.

  2. 100% with you on that Jason. Meanwhile, who is moderating and hosting that site?

    1. Peder from VT.


  3. I'm just the opposite, I tried Facebook for a short time but I found it to be too noisy and therefore I quit. I've never done Twitter; it's to voyeuristic for me. Therefore, I stick with forums. They're about my speed. I only follow one forum at a time and it has been tenkara-fisher.com. Now it will be this forum, however.

    1. Yes, definitely a handful of names (like yours) that I see missing on the Facebook scene. You're probably better off for it BTW... See you over at 10 Colors.

  4. I'm glad the guys picked up the ball and ran with it. After creating forums, maintaining one for the last 20 years, I'm done. I'll concentrate on other things now.

    1. So am I. There's room for forums, looks like this new one is in good hands. Thanks for keeping the T-F forum up and running for as long as you did.

  5. Michael -

    Thanks for posting about the new forum and for your kind words. I appreciate you giving it air time as I know a lot of people read your site.

    Personally, I'm not a social media guy myself and still am not (I particularly don't like FB and its policies), but I really like the forum platform. I also like open source (which Discourse is) software. I only joined Twitter for the sake of the forum and a couple of requests from users to do so. Although, admittedly it has brought a lot of traffic to the site and I can easily push all forum posts over there.

    I also got a lot out of the T-F forum and appreciate all of the work Adam put into it over the years and wanted to keep a place going for those who like a forum over social media. While it is quite different from forum software from the past 20 years, I do think it is very user friendly. In my opinion forum software kind of needed a modern facelift and technological updates too, but I also like new technology.

    Indeed, I am hosting and moderating it. One of the other frequent users of the T-F site is also now a moderator (in addition to myself) and I may be looking for one or two others in the future depending on how many users end up joining. Please feel free to contact me on the forum or my blog (just click Home in the menu at the top of the forum)! Thanks again.


  6. It's super user friendly IMHO, at least for anyone who has been stomping around... I mean...um... using forums for a long time. I've already found a great thread on some cool looking hackle pliers that I now just have to have. :) Thanks Mike for the link and Peder for running it. Looks like a fun place to hang out - esp. since you've made sure that people know to check their snobbery at the door. :)


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