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Tenkara Tuesday - Tenkara In Focus Episode 4

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

You're probably aware by now, but just in case you're not, the latest episode of Tenkara In Focus has just been released! I've only skimmed it so far (going to settle in tonight with the old Chromecast and the big screen) but looks like there's plenty to see...

I'm looking forward to taking in all the sights and sounds, the guys at Discover Tenkara always do a phenomenal job with these videos!

For Sale: New T-Shirt, Old T-Shirt, Random Gear...

Time to make like a carnival barker because the deals in the T! Storehave never been hotter!
Just wanted to bring a few additions to your attention today...let's make a deal!

First off, Tenkara Angler swag was added to the store over the weekend in the form of tees and stickers. I had several people ask about Tenkara Angler t-shirts & hats at the Tenkara Jam, so we decided to move forward with a new, limited run "Tamo T-Shirt" in collaboration with the guys at Six Waters Co. They did a great job on the design, don't you think?

The super-soft tee comes in every color of the rainbow, given your rainbow is monochromatic heather blue. The first print run was limited, but at the time of posting, all sizes were still available, and I'll toss in some free TA stickers as well. The tees fit relatively true to size, my XL fits fine (I'm 6', about 210).

So in with the new...and out with the old...

The ever popular Troutrageous! Tenkara Sasquatch tees are now on …

The New Tenkara-Fisher

In a prior post about the 10 Colors Tenkara forum, it was mentioned that the new site was the heir apparent (in terms of forums) to the Tenkara-Fisher forum, which was compromised by hackers and recently shuttered.

Well, I'm happy to also note that most of the standalone content that was featured on the old Tenkara-Fisher forum has been migrated to a standalone blog by the same name found HERE.

For those of you familiar with the old T-F forum and the writing of Adam Trahan, the new site will feel very familiar. For those that aren't, or simply hadn't visited the old Tenkara-Fisher in quite some time, it's definitely worth a visit. There's a tremendous amount of content & insight that can be found, particularly in the interviews with about two dozen tenkara contemporaries, both from the U.S. and abroad.

One of the more recent posts was a great re-discovery; a look inside the development of a wooden fly box entitled, "My Kebari Box." A gorgeous photo of…

Realtree Fishing

There are a lot of fishing lifestyle brands out there making hats, tees, and all kinds of stuff for anglers to display their love of the water. Not to be outdone, I received this press release from Realtree the other day, highlighting their new fishing branding and upcoming product lines.

I'll just repost the whole thing for you below. They're not compensating me for this, I just kind of find these branding plays interesting, figured you may too. Not sure if I'm personally the Realtree Fishing customer, although I do kind of think the way they changed their familiar antlers logo into fishing hooks was pretty well executed...

Realtree Launches New Fishing Lifestyle Brand

Columbus, Ga., Jan. 24, 2017 -- While the early success of Realtree was rooted in the hunting industry, three decades later the company's influence now reaches into virtually every corner of the sporting world. It is the preferred brand of sportsmen, sportswomen and every person who loves the outdoor life…

Tenkara Tuesday - 3 Quick Hits

Three quick hits on this Tenkara Tuesday...

New TenkaraBum Rods
Have been a little bit slow on this one, but TenkaraBum recently released two new Suntech produced rods to his namesake line.  The TenkaraBum 40 and the TenkaraBum 33.  These two models complement the original TenkaraBum 36 at longer and shorter extended lengths respectively.

Tenkara Angler Magazine
The open call for submissions was made yesterday for the Spring 2017 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine. Content is community-sourced; if you're interested in contributing, more details on how to submit an article, photo, essay, etc... can be found HERE.

Tenkara Cast Podcast
A new Tenkara Cast was released last week and it was a good listen. I'd recommend taking the opportunity to tune in as Daniel teases a few initiatives for 2017 - a new rod, the return of the Tenkara Summit, and a book tour!

Enjoy!  Now let's go fishing!

#NBAVote Joel Embiid

Warning: Non Fishing Post

I'm a Sixers fan.
Have been my whole life. If you asked me deep down which of the four Philadelphia teams I would want to see win a championship first, my answer would be the 76ers. They last time they won I was 6 and I knew nothing about basketball whatsoever. Since then, I've been teased by contending teams led by Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson, but by and large, it's been a whole lot of losing.
Having little resources and the "longest view in the room," they chose to intentionally lose games the last 3 years to return high draft picks, hoping at least one would result in a transcendent player. As a fan, I was in favor of this strategy by the way, I'm a "Process Truster." 
Yes, Hinkie died for our sins, and the Colangelos make me ill. Or at least Jerry does, I'm still trying to give Bryan the benefit of the doubt.

It's been a long road, but it finally looks like my favorite team has a pulse. Those years of wait…

10 Colors Tenkara Forum

Internet forums, love them or hate them, they're out there, and if you're interested in diving deep into a specific topic, they can be gold mines of really good information... once you side-step the trolls.

One of the oldest, and most popular tenkara forums, Tenkara-Fisher, announced that it will be shutting down at the end of January due to persistent pressures of computer hackers, and is in the process of moving its best content to a more traditional blog format that will be found HERE
(Tom Davis also wrote an article about the topic last week)
In the wake of that news, several of the participants of the Tenkara-Fisher forum have since taken up new residence at the 10 Colors Tenkara forum.
For those of you that are used to participating in older, more established online forums, the 10 Colors Tenkara forum won't really look all that familiar. See what I mean?

It's run on the open-source Discourse platform, which takes a little bit to get used to and to figure out whe…

Tenkara Tuesday - The Golden Globe Awards

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

The Golden Globe Awards were on the other night. I didn't watch them, (c'mon now, Finding Bigfoot was on TV), but lots of people seem to be talking about them. La La Land evidently won all of the big movie awards which is good for them. I'm certain it's no Rogue One, but as far as feature films go, I'm sure it's great.

Now you or I could go to the theaters and buy tickets for La La Land...or just watch the rad videos I've embedded below. They aren't new. If you're one of my regular Tenkara Tuesday readers, you've probably viewed them before. Some, possibly several times. That said, even today, they're still just as effective in getting my tenkara juices going as when they were first released back in 2009. Congrats Daniel Galhardo & Tenkara USA, you've won the Troutrageous! "Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Foreign Fishing-Style Film."

I can't go fishing today, so I'm going to watch t…

A Man Of Many Vises

Vises...instead of vices...on a fly fishing blog...HA!

Stupid jokes aside, I scored a new Peak Rotary Vise the other day cashing in some holiday gift cards, and I have to say I'm really pleased with it. I've sort of settled into a fishing sweet spot where I don't really need to acquire specific items anymore, rather I've been "upgrading" items that I tend to use frequently to ensure their usefulness lasts for the long haul.

I've been using a Danica Danvise for the past few years, and while it probably has at least a few more years of use in it, the entire body is made of nylon and I found the rotary mechanism to develop a slight wobble over time. Also, the dimensions of the vertical shaft aren't standard, making it incompatible with most bases & accessories, so while it's been a workhorse, it wasn't an ideal long-term solution.

After unpacking, assembling, and playing around with the Peak for an afternoon, I have to say I'm very impres…

The Photarium

I swear I've written about these before...but I searched the blog and I guess I never did. Maybe it was on Facebook or perhaps even a fishing forum, who knows.

Anyway, I've been somewhat intrigued by the concept of these photography tanks (Photariums) for quite some time, probably as long as I've been fishing.

The benefits are pretty clear. The fish stays in the water allowing you time to observe, measure, and get some pretty good photos of it. I kind of geek out at stuff like that. Would imagine it makes the "Keep 'em Wet" crowd happy too.

In addition to the retail versions available through the Wild Fish Conservancy, there are plenty of homemade versions floating around on blogs and forums if you look hard enough. Heck, one doesn't even have to look that hard, Photariums have even made the rounds on prominent websites from time to time, I've just personally never taken the plunge.

I guess it comes down to price and necessity. You know, the whole, &q…

TBT! 2009: Box of Tricks!

In today's Throwback Troutrageous! (TBT!) post we go back in time to January 2009. Before I became a snobby fly angler, I was all about spin-fishing and accumulating any type of inline spinner I could find. Mepps, Panther Martin, even tiny brands you've probably never heard of. I opened up one of my Plano boxes to show what sort of hardware I was chucking.

Coincidentally, this might be the first time that Len Harris (aka "Spinner") was ever mentioned on this blog. His presence in internet fishing forums used to be legendary, (I don't frequent many forums anymore, so not sure if he's still active telling his stories or posting his "where would you cast" photos). Today, you'll most likely find him on his fantastic The Stream of Time blog.

Anyway, check out all this METAL - and if you have a favorite inline spinner, I'd love to know what it is. They're nothing but effective. I was partial to the Wyld Edge Bezerkers, but I don't even think…

2017: It's Gonna Be HUGE!

2017 is going to be a BIG year for the blog. One might even say HUGE. How can it not be? I even snuck out on New Year's day and caught this beast as my first fish of 2017!

I mean it is par for the course with the rest of the dink fish pics posted to this blog over the years, so that's certainly not what's going to make 2017 special...

What is?  I enjoy numbers, so let's review three of them.


I turn 40 years old in June. Cue the music... Hap-py birth-day to me.... The average US male lives to be 78.8 years old, so I'm officially middle aged and closer to death than birth. Yes!


I will have been writing this blog for 25% of my life.

Yes, for a quarter of my life I've been the author of a poorly written blog about some guy who really doesn't fish that much (or that successfully). And get this...a handful people actually still come and read it...

So what does all this mean?
Well, you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out the last number...