November 6, 2016

Totally Random Gear Review: Fozzils Solo Pack

I don't really do that many product reviews on the blog anymore, especially unsolicited ones, but I thought I'd share something I received in my Cairn box last month (Cairn is one of those "gear of the month clubs"), that I've actually given a fair amount of use in a short period of time, and am pretty pleased with the results.

The Fozzils Solo Pack - Cup, Bowl, & Dish

This folding "tableware" is kind of unique. What looks like a flat piece of plastic cardstock... transforms into a three-dimensional object by folding the pre-determined crease lines and utilizing the plastic snaps in the corners to hold its shape.

Specifically, the "dish" has become my waste bin as I'm tying flies. 

I brought this with me to the Tenkara Jam because it stored flat (I actually slid it inside my satchel among my Smoky Mountain fishing guidebook and sample Tenkara Angler magazines), and then once at the event, used it to store my snipped thread, clipped feathers, and other stuff while I was tying up flies. 

Heck, even back at home it's become a somewhat permanent fixture at my tying bench. Plus, the fishbone graphic on the bottom is just sort of fitting when it comes to this application.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't really used the bowl or cup yet, but the idea that I'm getting so much use out of the dish in a somewhat unintended way kind of made me want to bring it up on the blog. The fact that if you're actually a backpacker or camping type, and can use these for their intended purposes too, well that's a total win-win.

If you're interested in picking up the set, check out They'll run you about $15. I'm sure you can also Google "Fozzils" and find them at a retailer of your choice as well.


The Fozzils folding tableware set featured in this product review was purchased through my monthly Carin box. I currently hold no association with Fozzils and did not solicit them, nor was solicited by them for this review.


  1. Really neat item. Simple and useful for different applications, just like you have shown.

    1. Thanks Carf. I tend to get a lot of odd stuff in those Cairn boxes, but the items that rise to the top are always gems.

    2. What other items have you received, and are you happy with the subscription? I don't recall seeing you write about the service previously.

    3. Yeah, I haven't done a full blown review. You usually get 2 or 3 trinkets plus a food item. Some of the things have been really good, like bandanas & buffs, Cotopaxi backpack, portable lighting, USB powerbank, etc... I've received a few things I'll never use, but I'm happy with the service, the good far outweighs the bad. I actually received an interesting fishing item a month or two back that I haven't mentioned at all, might make it a post.

  2. Sweet review. Can see taking this on a kayak camping trip. But..have you tested its bourbon holding abilities yet?

    1. Good call, Drew. How does it hold those adult beverages. Ha

    2. Ha, no not yet...but I enjoy a challenge.