Kickstarter: Tiny Ten Fishing Rod

Have you seen the Kickstarter for the Tiny Ten yet?

No... Well, it's essentially a launch campaign for a really small tenkara-ish rod, both collapsed (20cm) and fully extended, (1.5m, or about 5 feet long). No, this isn't an "all purpose rod," rather a rod that is to target small fish 10 inches and under. A mountain stream, brook trout rod of sorts.

If this is of interest, here's a LINK to the campaign, as well as some more info below. With a donation of only $35, one of these should be yours come January...

Tiny Ten: Fun, Simple, and Affordable

Tiny Ten is a rod specifically designed for fishing small mountain creeks and Alpine streams. Based off of the principles of Tenkara, the Japanese fixed line style of fly fishing, the rod is highly portable, easy to use, and an excellent way to catch small mountain trout. 

This rod is the scalpel of rods. The delicacy of this rod makes ever a 3" brook trout a thrill to catch.


  1. Sure, now they come up with a little Tenkara rod after I spent hundreds of $$$$$ for a 6' 3 wt.

    1. Eh, I'm sure that 3 weight is going to get quite a bit of work in.

  2. Cool idea to stash in your backpack on a hike your not "supposed" to go fishing on.

  3. no one would ever want a short tenkara rod. goes against the whole idea. so I've been told. lol

    1. I bought one, I mean for $35... That said, I don't think it's necessarily a true "tenkara" rod. Think length is important to keep line off the water. I own a 9 foot rod and don't use it that often, prefer something in the 11-12 foot range at smallest. But this seems fun to play around with, plus it's high school kids. Like seeing them being entrepreneurial. Wish I was at that age.

  4. Michael
    This rod carries fishing light to another level, which I am into, I am going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing

  5. Anyone who fishes small brushy streams knows that the length of most tenkara rods means there are just some areas you can't fish. A 5 foot rod can get down low and cast under brush and overhanging limbs. Bring both the long and the short to fish different parts of the stream. Sure its a toy but its also a practical tool that wont hurt you to carry along and I think its a good idea.


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