November 25, 2016

Kickstarter: Tiny Ten Fishing Rod

Have you seen the Kickstarter for the Tiny Ten yet?

No... Well, it's essentially a launch campaign for a really small tenkara-ish rod, both collapsed (20cm) and fully extended, (1.5m, or about 5 feet long). No, this isn't an "all purpose rod," rather a rod that is to target small fish 10 inches and under. A mountain stream, brook trout rod of sorts.

If this is of interest, here's a LINK to the campaign, as well as some more info below. With a donation of only $35, one of these should be yours come January...

Tiny Ten: Fun, Simple, and Affordable

Tiny Ten is a rod specifically designed for fishing small mountain creeks and Alpine streams. Based off of the principles of Tenkara, the Japanese fixed line style of fly fishing, the rod is highly portable, easy to use, and an excellent way to catch small mountain trout. 

This rod is the scalpel of rods. The delicacy of this rod makes ever a 3" brook trout a thrill to catch.

November 23, 2016



Ha...the kid started her own YouTube channel the other day. She's all about drawing cartoons and stop-motion animation and I think she's doing a pretty rad job with virtually no oversight or tools other than a tablet app.

I'll embed a few of her videos below, but check out her channel HERE if you're YouTube inclined. She gets soooo excited when she sees people "like" her videos. I'm amazed by the expression she's able to get her cartoon characters to make.

Humor me, I'm a proud Dad:

November 19, 2016

Damn You November!

Sorry for the silence, and for leaving that damn Fozzils post in the top spot on my homepage for almost two weeks...

This time of year is always non-stop craziness in the old Troutrageous! household. I work in internet retail, so a lot of my time (both day & night) is spent making last minute preparations to ensure that all the right gifts are in stock and ready to be purchased for lucky sports fans across the country.

Lilly in Christmas spirit at Magic Kingdom last weekend

Compounding this is the fact that it is extremely difficult to write those big Dallas Cowboys purchase orders this year, considering I'm an Eagles fan. I'll probably be in this state of retail overload and blogging abandonment through mid-February...but it is what it is, happens every year.

Hard at work?  Go Birds! #cubelife

Anyway, are you doing any fishing? I haven't recently, but I think I might sneak out this weekend for a little bit. The weather in the Jacksonville area is downright beautiful right now with highs in the mid 70-degree range. By far my favorite time of year here in the northeastern Sunshine State.

I could try running up to Georgia to chase some trout, but it's evidently all on fire. A damn shame. The Southeast could really use some rain.

By the way, less than a month until Rogue One. Omgomgomgomg!

Finally, and coming full circle on internet retail; if you ever wanted to give tenkara a try (didn't think we could get through this post without mentioning it, right), there might not be a better time to take the plunge than right now. A few companies like Tenkara USA, Dragontail, and Tanuki are running some killer pre-Black Friday deals at the moment, with promises of more deals from others to come. They're all being tracked on Facebook HERE.

I guess that's really all I have to say. I realize this post was just some incoherent thoughts slapped together, but I wanted to my handful of readers know I'm still around.

November 6, 2016

Totally Random Gear Review: Fozzils Solo Pack

I don't really do that many product reviews on the blog anymore, especially unsolicited ones, but I thought I'd share something I received in my Cairn box last month (Cairn is one of those "gear of the month clubs"), that I've actually given a fair amount of use in a short period of time, and am pretty pleased with the results.

The Fozzils Solo Pack - Cup, Bowl, & Dish

This folding "tableware" is kind of unique. What looks like a flat piece of plastic cardstock... transforms into a three-dimensional object by folding the pre-determined crease lines and utilizing the plastic snaps in the corners to hold its shape.

Specifically, the "dish" has become my waste bin as I'm tying flies. 

I brought this with me to the Tenkara Jam because it stored flat (I actually slid it inside my satchel among my Smoky Mountain fishing guidebook and sample Tenkara Angler magazines), and then once at the event, used it to store my snipped thread, clipped feathers, and other stuff while I was tying up flies. 

Heck, even back at home it's become a somewhat permanent fixture at my tying bench. Plus, the fishbone graphic on the bottom is just sort of fitting when it comes to this application.

I'm not going to lie, I haven't really used the bowl or cup yet, but the idea that I'm getting so much use out of the dish in a somewhat unintended way kind of made me want to bring it up on the blog. The fact that if you're actually a backpacker or camping type, and can use these for their intended purposes too, well that's a total win-win.

If you're interested in picking up the set, check out They'll run you about $15. I'm sure you can also Google "Fozzils" and find them at a retailer of your choice as well.


The Fozzils folding tableware set featured in this product review was purchased through my monthly Carin box. I currently hold no association with Fozzils and did not solicit them, nor was solicited by them for this review.

November 4, 2016

Tenkara Angler Magazine - Winter 2016-17 Call For Submissions

Can you believe it's November already? I certainly hope October treated you well, because before you know it, we're going to be looking December right in the face!

With that being said, I just realized that I never officially opened up submission window for the Winter 2016/2017 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine. Honestly, the window is always open, but a post every now and then seems to help bring it back to everyone's stream of thought.

Anything is fair game - fishing reports, essays, poetry, fiction, photography, art, whatever - as long as it's tenkara or conservation related. Being winter, many anglers begin to turn away from the water to focus on fly tying, so some fly tying content would be fantastic.  However, similar to prior issues, the tenkara community will eventually craft the contents of the issue. 

(And don't forget, if you are a company that submits content, please don't hesitate to also submit an ad for your services, inclusion is the least I can do).

If you are interested in contributing, I’ve outlined some simple parameters for content submission on the Tenkara Angler website HERE.

The deadline for content submission will be December 9th, 2016, with the target publishing date toward the end of that same month.

For those of you that are new to Tenkara Angler (perhaps you were introduced to the magazine at the Tenkara Jam), the Fall 2016 issue can be found HERE. The contributions continue to get stronger with each new edition, I would sincerely love to have you as a part of the next issue!