Tenkara Guides LLC Pack It Out Challenge

Some great stuff going on out there on the internet...

The latest angler call-to-action comes from the Tenkara Guides, challenging all of us to "hit your local streams, pack out the trash and win a big prize."

They've set up a Facebook page HERE for you to post your photo/video proof, and there's a huge prize package waiting for the winner valued at over $1000. Contest runs the entire month of September.

Worth checking out, and if so inclined, worth sharing on your social media as well.


  1. Shouldn't be too hard for someone to win. There are enough pigs out there leaving their trash.

    1. Sad but true. I'm going to give it a go around some of my local haunts next weekend. I hope I don't find a lot, but I know I will.

  2. Time to invest in some goggles and a snorkle, I know there's car parts in the bottom of one of the rivers in our area.

    1. There's some sort of evil genius there that is phenomenal.

  3. It's really awesome to see more and more people get involved in river clean ups, and it's even cooler that there are events with the focus of river clean up and fishing. The incentives of prizes draws in more people which equates to more trash being picked up. Can't beat a Win-Win situation...or can you?

  4. The Pack It Out Challenge ended October 2 with a total of almost 5,000 pounds of trash pulled from the rivers and streams across the country.

    The winner pulled over 1,800 pounds of trash out.


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