September 19, 2016

Six Waters Co. Fishing Apparel

I like gear, you like gear, we all like gear.

In reviewing the world of Instagram the other day, I stumbled across Six Waters, a relative new entry to the fishing apparel scene. Their stuff is pretty cool.

So who is Six Waters? Well, their website explains that it's the dynamic duo of Dave Blackhurst & Sam Parkinson, "...just a couple of Utah dudes with a passion (ok maybe an addiction) for Fly Fishing and the Outdoors."

Being friendly with Dave from some other online endeavors, I popped him a quick note to get a little more backstory on who they are, what they're up to, and what their plans might be for Six Waters.

We wanted to give another spin on the lifestyle fishing apparel world. We know we are a small fish in a very big river but we love what we do. Sam and I have been fly fishing together for 20 years and thought it was time to get in the industry a bit more.

Sam and I come up with a bunch of great ideas and then I will head to the computer and start designing. I have been a graphic design for 20 years and I love what I do. Sam is such an awesome photographer and Instagram guru that we thought our designs and marketing team could get the word out about the new company.

We loving living in Utah with our families and any chance we can to get out and fish. We both love every aspect of fly fishing from Tenkara to getting out in the middle of the night with a mouse pattern.

So far our best selling item has been the "trout" shirt and hat. This simple design has been great for us. We are looking to release much more designs in the coming days. Eventually, we would like to get much more feedback from everyone on Instagram on the designs we want to release. We are also looking forward to doing collaboration work with other fly fishing companies to get some more awesome t-shirt designs.

So there you go. Just two regular guys like you and me giving fly fishing apparel a shot. Did they hook you? I think they're going to get me to bite at the Roadtrip tee...


  1. Mike, I like the new blog.
    Well done buddy.

  2. Thanks Mike for the shoutout. Blog looks sweet!

  3. Very cool designs. It's really awesome to see how creative others can be in a IMO flooded market. I'm diggin' that "Road Trip" shirt, too. Too bad half of the tshirts I own are green haha.