August 28, 2016

Fishing Kickstarters...

The Kickstarter community has been very generous to fishing ideas in the past. Two companies that immediately come to mind that absolutely crushed it on the fund-raising platform are Taylor Reels & the Tenkara Rod Co. I'm always keen on checking out what's new before it's new, so thought I'd highlight some fly fishing Kickstarters currently in progress...

Looking to "deliver the highest quality fly fishing rod directly to you for the lowest possible price," Focus is offering what they call a $800 Focus Foresight fly rod for $300 (actually slightly less).

At the time of researching this article, this Idaho-based company was a little over halfway to their $15K goal, with 16 days to go...  

Streem Outdoors Fly Fishing Rods

Streem Outdoors is also looking to provide some value for the hard earned dollar. And with many different models, lengths, & weights, it looks like there might be a rod or reel to your liking.

"We’re distinguished from other great offerings by our passion by making fly fishing accessible and comfortable for anyone who loves the outdoors. We believe that truly great outdoor products don’t need to ransom other loves in your life. We focus on engineering and designing fly rods, reels and other products with performance that makes our competitors embarrassed to sell theirs at twice the price. And to prove this point, Streem reigns above the rest with our lifetime warranty on all fishing rods."

At the time of researching this article, Streem Outdoors was also a little over halfway to their $20K goal, with 21 days to go.

tenkara - the book

Last but not least is one that I personally backed, Daniel Galhardo/Tenkara USA's tenkara - the book.

I probably should have called this out here already, but this Kickstarter hit its $10K goal in like a day, didn't seem like it needed the extra push. That said, if you're into tenkara (like me) and by chance haven't heard of this project yet, it's a must have.

At the time of researching this project, tenkara - the book, had surpassed it's funding goal of $10K by more than 3X, with 4 days to go.


  1. Dangit, Mike... I'm a sucker for stuff like that Focus Foresight rod!

    Cool news. Looking forward to an intro to tenkara from you someday.

    1. It looks pretty sweet, right?
      One of these days I'll get around to my tenkara of these days...

  2. Hey, how about a kickstarter to fix my fishmobile? I think that's a great idea.

  3. The tenkara book looks really interesting.

    1. Daniel does an excellent job with the materials he produces to support his company. I'm sure the same attention to detail and aesthetic will carry over to the book. I'm really excited.