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Tenkara Tuesday - My Fab Five Tenkara Rods

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

In last week's Tenkara Tuesday, I mentioned that I had a new Tanuki rod on pre-order, and had also sold off several tenkara rods that just didn't "fit" me well. I didn't say what the rods were, but in the comments section, bolder_in_boulder asked the following question:

Well, even after a recent purge, I've still got a lot of tenkara rods.
Probably too many than I could dream of fishing with any regularity.

So bolder_in_boulder, I'll lump them into 3 groups...

New To Me Rods I'm Still Evaluating

Suntech TenkaraBum 36 - I like a lot about this rod. The feel in hand, the sensitivity, the cosmetics, and believe it or not, I also found it casts a floating line surprisingly well. I just haven't fished it enough yet. It's definitely a premium rod. Even if it doesn't go into my regular rotation, I'll probably hold on to it. It's the first TenkaraBum branded rod, a Japanese rod designed by an American. That'…

The Rest of the IFTD/ICAST Stuff...Hardy, Hodgman, & Korkers

Sorry, meant to post these last week, but just getting to it now. These are the last few IFTD-related product press release emails I received that grabbed my attention. Perhaps there's something below that will catch yours too...

Pure Fishing

Pure Fishing is the company that owns many fishing brands - Hardy, Hodgman, Fenwick, & Pflueger (to name a few), and they had sent me an email calling out a slew of new products, starting with this new Hardy reel, the Ultralite ASR large arbor:

Now I'm not going to lie, I'm more of a "classic" Hardy guy, but this reel's got a lot going for it...check out what they had to say in their press release:

Anglers can become more versatile with the new Hardy® Ultralite® ASR (Assisted Spool Release) large arbor fly reel debuting July in the IFTD New Product Showcase. Now it is faster and easier than ever to adapt to changing conditions. The Ultralight ASR's spring-loaded cassette ejection system enables the angler to change…

Fishing Forecast: Hot, Humid, & A Chance of Bass...

Got out for a little fishing the other night. It's been so hot and humid, I haven't been eager to sneak out to do much angling lately. It'd be one thing if I were in a trout stream, where when you reach down to handle your quarry, you're greeted by cool, refreshing, moving water. Instead, warm, stagnant ponds don't do much to re-energize after standing in the sun, ugh...

No worries though, with the proper amount of action, warmwater can be a lot of fun too, especially when fishing a light tenkara rod...

Tried a little video, excuse the excessive grunting, not sure what's up with that...

Will probably do a little more fishing this weekend, we'll see. Have actually been trying to get in a little better shape recently, so I'm taking to riding my bike and playing pickup basketball again. See, when I lived up North, it wasn't uncommon to put on a few extra pounds of "winter weight" when it was too cold to want to do anything outside. Here in Flo…

Wednesday Nibbles - IFTD Fishing Accessories Edition

A continuation of my 2016 ICAST/IFTD product email solicitation notes...

Figured I'd gather some of the accessory items into one post. A sort of Wednesday Nibbles of fishing accessories that you might find of interest...some good stuff here, if you're so inclined...


Because who doesn't like UV protection? This company is particularly appealing (to me) because they have a special series designed by Vaughn Cochran, who runs the Blackfly fly shop down here in Jacksonville. Check out their 2016 collection, including the Blackfly designs, HERE.

Rock Treads

Rock Treads sent quite a few emails challenging retailers & media to test out their slip-proof product vs. competing boot surfaces. As a person who uses screw in studs with my "sticky rubber" boots to combat those slippery rocks in the Smokies, these are definitely interesting. Check out a video with more information HERE.


Check out these fully sublimated hoodies! They also make them in boxers…

Tenkara Tuesday: Tanuki 275 Appalachian Brookie Rod

Bought a new tenkara rod over the weekend. Well, I pre-ordered one anyway.

Yeah, it's yellow.

It's the special edition Tanuki 275 "Appalachian Brookie" tenkara rod.

The rod will be released in the Fall in a standard coloration, however, this yellow cosmetic will be unique to 15 rods sold through Pittsburgh-based Three Rivers Tenkara. Right, yellow & black like the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates. As a Philly-boy, that stings more than a little bit, so it's probably fitting that the rod picked up a secondary nickname on Facebook, the "Killer Bee."

No, not those Killer Bees.

As I've acquired different tenkara rods over the years, I've in turn sold off the ones that didn't quite "fit." I recently said goodbye to two, and will be selling one more shortly. With a few empty slots in my rod rack, figured this would be a convenient way to try one of the Tanuki designs, so I took the plunge. Why not, you only live once. If nothing else,…

Souplefly: Fly Fishing Simplified

For the first time in the past few, I didn't get over to Orlando to check out ICAST/IFTD this year.

I registered with all intentions of attending, but the schedule associated with the real "paying" job I hold down had some conflicts, especially considering the fact I took off the prior week for vacation.

But fear not, as registered "media" (ha!), I did receive quite a few new product notifications via email that now that the show has taken place, I have no reservations sharing here. So keep an eye out this week, I'll drop a few on you, starting with gear from...

Souplefly: "Fly Fishing Simplified"

The Bug Visor

The Bug Visor Lite

The Sculpin Lanyard

These are all pretty cool.

Could definitely see the Bug Visor Lite or Sculpin Lanyard fitting into my streamlined "grab & go" fly fishing gear, be it in tandem with my 4-weight, or my tenkara rods. I really like the horizontal orientation of the lanyard from wader strap to wader strap.

Check …

Wednesday Nibbles - Summer Vacation Edition

The weeklong summer vacation is over. It's actually been over since Sunday afternoon, but you know, needed a few days of recovery before sharing something on the blog.

Our trip from Mt. Rushmore to Yellowstone to Grand Teton/Jackson to Salt Lake City was not a fishing trip, so if you read this blog purely for the fishing expertise (ha!), feel free to click off now. However here's a quick week in review, via captioned photos...

Day 1 & 2: Rapid City, SD / Crazy Horse / Mount Rushmore

Day 3: Repositioning to Cody, WY