June 2, 2016

Vedavoo: Back Roads & Killer Bows

Vedavoo's Scott Hunter not only makes killer slings & packs, but he does up a tenkara video right as he runs into the Pig Farm Ink guys on a river in Wyoming.

"On one of my trips back to waters outside of my home town in Wyoming, I stopped into the Reef Fly Shop to pick up a few flies for a solo mission. I snapped the lid on my fly puck, and as I walked toward the counter Jay Johnson walked through the door. Jay, Addison Berry, and Berin Wachsmann were on their way back through from a Pig Farm Iron Fly event up in Jackson, and were planning to fish the Platte that day. It's truly amazing in this industry to see how tight-knit the community really is. We're all fisherman after all - and that morning, the man upstairs brought us together for one of the greatest days of fishing I'll ever have."

Make sure to check out both websites:
Vedavoo  |  Pig Farm Ink


  1. So, Scott Hunter is a Wyoming boy, too? I'm a little ashamed of the fact that I grew up and even went to college only a couple of hours from there, and I've never fished Grey Reef. Now I'm motivated. :) I doubt I'll make it to the North Platte this year, but I'm definitely looking forward to some time in Yellowstone and the Big Horn Mountains in August.

    So cool that a few guys can meet up and go do that. I'm gona have to "get social" in July.

    1. Yeah, super cool. To say I'm jealous is an understatement.

    2. Michael
      Unbelievable action, with what looks like dead drifting close to the surface. Was this a soft hackle pattern that got the attention? I keep saying I need to fish the Tenkara, but I'm still on the fence, but this video moves me closer to the purchase. Thanks for sharing

    3. Not sure what specific pattern they were fishing, it was a trico pattern, which was probably a dry fly up top.

    4. Hey Gents - The fly we were using is a size 22 Trico Spinner like this one (http://www.flytyingforum.com/uploads/img4b4402a76663f.jpg). I let the wind flutter it just above the surface then let it drop and dead drift. Most takes were within seconds - the trout were just a little camera shy when it was time to get it on film. :)

    5. PS - To "The Fading Angler" - yessir! Where'd you go to School? I grew up in Casper, did my 4 in Laramie, and settled in Lander / Riverton before I moved to New England for school. I took those water for granted too when I was within reach... but never miss an opportunity to fish them now. Go Pokes!

  2. Really awesome stuff right there.