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Make Spin Fishing Great Again

So this popped up in my inbox yesterday...and if you happen to be on Gander Mountain's email list, it probably did in yours as well...

Okay, let's digest this bit of epic awesomeness, one piece at a time.

Stars and stripes paint job...

Built in bottle opener...

And it's named #MERICA. 
F#ck you ISIS.

Now it's probably not made in America, but that shouldn't ruin our exercise in sporting goods jingoism. Somehow I think Sage's new $900 X fly rod comes up just a little bit short in pretty much every single comparable.

If you want to try your luck on Gander Mountain's website to battle the war on bass, terrorism, and sobriety all in one cast, please note that it's on backorder online, but available for in-store pickup.

I so need one of these...who wants to run down to the St. Augustine store for me?

Summer Vacation Prep Week

Dang, that snuck up quickly.

Don't think I mentioned it here before, but the Griswold family summer vacation this year is one of those week-long guided bus tours through some of the western National Parks - most notably, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, & Grand Teton, with a few stops at touristy cowboy-towns in between.

I've been wanting to see the parks for a while, like I can watch those damn Ken Burns documentaries over and over, and doing one of these tours was the only way to get K.C. & Lilly to agree to go as they require, no demand, hotel accommodations and whatnot each night. No roughing it for the ladies...not that I blame them BTW. Scheduling it near the 4th of July only means that the utter chaos and crowds will be amplified, but who cares...not me. I survived summers at the Jersey shore. And if you've been there, you know.

In preparation, the agenda seems pretty straightforward - wander off the marked boardwalks, take a dip in a volcanic hot spring, and resc…

The Friday "Five Fish On The Fly" Bucket List

I love fly fishing. Absolutely love it.

It's taken me to places I'd never thought I'd visit, introduced me to people I'd have never met otherwise, and provides the therapeutic elixir needed to offset the daily grind of everyday life.
Oh, and the fish. The freakin' beautiful fish... (I mean it's practically translucent!)

That said, there are a lot more places I'd like to go, people to meet, and fish to attempt to outwit. Not all are exotic, heck most aren't, but I'd really love to expand my species list beyond the standard brookie-brown-rainbow trout trifecta, and of course, the warm water panfish & bass.
This is my short list of five fish I'd like to catch on the fly, in no particular order.

Arctic Grayling

Yeah, there's something somewhat pornographic about how people take photos of them with their fin fanned out, and I've heard they're not the best of fighters, but there's just something about this fish that intrigues me. Wor…

Not Fishing: The Sixers & 2016 NBA Draft Night!

Happy Thursday!

I have to say I'm pretty psyched today, as it's NBA Draft day. I know, I know, this is supposed to be a fishing site dammit, none of that sportsball talk here! Right, I get it, but like you should already know that this blog isn't just fishing. And after Lilly, Star Wars, & Sasquatch, I think my next favorite thing is Philly sports, meaning today, the 76ers.

But the Sixers tanked the last 3 seasons, they don't deserve the #1 pick. Yeah, says everyone who isn't a fan. I understand, you're supposed to try your hardest every year. That's what your coaches tell you growing up, heck that's what your parents tell you. But if you don't have an in-house superstar, you know what that gets you? The Atlanta Hawks.

Believe me as a fan, the last three years have been incredibly painful, despite fully buying into the plan and "Trusting the Process." Growing up on a steady stream of superstars like Dr. J, Sir Charles, and The Answer, …

Of Rock & Riffle - Check It Out...

Gotta admit, I'm a little burned out. After spending the better part of the last week and a half putting together the latest issue of Tenkara Angler magazine, I don't have much flame flickering to write a blog post here, even though I've got ideas bouncing around in my head like ping pong balls. Troutrageous! will be the unintended short-term victim I suppose...

So in lieu of reading a new post from me, let me send you over to Adam Klags' blog "Of Rock And Riffle." His Tuesday post was a fantastic recollection of a recent fishing outing in the Adirondacks and well worth the visit/read. So many great photos, I guarantee you'll dig it, even if you don't care for tenkara...

I'll come back strong tomorrow. Maybe...

Tenkara Angler - Summer 2016

Today I’m pleased to announce the Summer 2016 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine has hit the virtual newsstands!

The theme was "Summer Fishing" and a lot of great content was included to captivate and inspire. Excellent articles by returning writers such as John Vetterli, Sam Larson, Paul Gaskell, Adam Klagsbrun, & Chris Stewart sit alongside wonderful new entries from Steve Cobb, Daniel Galhardo, Dennis Coppock, Andy Wayment, and David West Beale, just to name a few... A total of 29 articles over 108 pages awaits your discovery.

We've got BIG FISH tips, White Bass, Striped Bass, and tons of flies & kebari to go catch them. Want to go off the grid, there's some advice (and a packing list) for that. Oh, and at the end, you can wash it all down with some Brookies & Beer!

The Summer 2016 issue of Tenkara Angler magazine can be found for free online consumption via Issuu HERE, or for physical purchase via Blurb HERE.


Rambling Recap of a Roasting Weekend

Hey, it's not Tenkara Tuesday...but Tuesday nonetheless.
Don't know what the weather was like over the weekend where you're at, but in Jacksonville, Florida it was in the mid-90s and just humid gross. The kind of weather where you walk outside to do anything for more than a few minutes and you get drenched in sweat and all nasty down there. Pass the Gold Bond
As such, fishing was kept to a minimum. Doesn't mean I didn't wet a line, just means I didn't spend a whole lot of time doing so. Not even at dusk, well, because mosquitoes ain't dumb, they know when the sun goes down too...

Geese and ducks took over the little neighborhood pond I frequent. Not a particularly big deal because they kind of keep their distance, but they also crap everywhere, so you need to pay attention to more than the water when walking up and down the bank. 
With the lone exception of the Mourning doves that eat all of the birdseed in my backyard feeders with gluttonous…

With Apologies To Pete...

Being my last opportunity to fish in Pennsylvania before heading back to Florida, I hit Valley Creek after work on Tuesday hoping find a fish or two.

As I approached the stream, there was a father with two small kids playing in the water I was planning on fishing. No big deal, they were there first, no reason to interrupt their hi-jinks. So I walked about 20 yards on the trail upstream, stood on the bank beside the water, and started to extend my telescoping tenkara rod when I heard...


And I when I turned around I was immediately greeted by a gentleman (& angler) that I didn't recognize. Scanning through my memory banks trying to place the face, he introduced himself as Pete, a reader of this blog for about five years.

To say I was surprised was an understatement, as I fished Valley regularly for almost 7 years, wrote about the creek almost weekly a few years back, and nobody ever identified themselves (or me) from the blog while I was fishing there. So my c…

The Best Laid Plans Of Fish And Men Often Go Awry

The stars just weren't aligned yesterday. But it's still all good.

So as I mentioned on Monday, the plan was to work, then go fishing immediately afterward. That's what I did, or at least tried to do.

In my (lack of) preparation, I neglected to uncover that the normal road I take that runs alongside Valley Creek is under construction and shut down. Like completely barricaded and whatnot. So when I drove to the creek after work, I couldn't access the road, and worse, the water.

So that kinda sucked. So close, yet so far away.

Being crafty, I eventually got to where I needed to be, but I had to backtrack the long way through the historical park, trying not to run down joggers and a peloton of cyclists in my haste, and pretty much wasted 30 minutes of daylight speeding past log cabins, monuments, and defunct artillery.


Fishing was only "meh," but when your last trouting was pretty ridiculous, what should one expect? It was fairly dark and overcast making…

Ummm, Is Work Over Yet?

Back in Philly for the next three days for work.
Fortunately tenkara packs light.

Staying in King of Prussia (yes, that's the town's name), so should have the opportunity to sneak over to Valley Creek for a few hours today and Tuesday after work before flying back to Florida on Wednesday. If not Valley, perhaps a trip to my "secret" water, although that's a bit of a drive away. We'll see...

Oh, and since when did Wawa start making cannoli dip?
Like whoa, I'm clearly going to gain 10 pounds over these next few days...

Vedavoo: Back Roads & Killer Bows

Vedavoo's Scott Hunter not only makes killer slings & packs, but he does up a tenkara video right as he runs into the Pig Farm Ink guys on a river in Wyoming.

"On one of my trips back to waters outside of my home town in Wyoming, I stopped into the Reef Fly Shop to pick up a few flies for a solo mission. I snapped the lid on my fly puck, and as I walked toward the counter Jay Johnson walked through the door. Jay, Addison Berry, and Berin Wachsmann were on their way back through from a Pig Farm Iron Fly event up in Jackson, and were planning to fish the Platte that day. It's truly amazing in this industry to see how tight-knit the community really is. We're all fisherman after all - and that morning, the man upstairs brought us together for one of the greatest days of fishing I'll ever have."
Make sure to check out both websites:
Vedavoo  |  Pig Farm Ink