May 18, 2016


Wow, two weeks since my last post.
Where have I been? Where haven't I been? Work, play, it's all a blur.

While I'll need a few more days to begin to collect myself and begin to unleash a flurry of posts, thought this video that dropped yesterday would be cool to share.

TENKARALASKA is a good watch. Pretty much all of the tenkara-related videos out there have some sort of Japanese nod to them, be it the anglers, location, or even soundtrack. This is decidedly different, a "vide-bro" of sorts with quick edits, decidedly not zen music, a Big Lebowski-esque narrator, and lots of facial hair. Oh, and did I mention they're all catching salmon and giant rainbows with their tenkara rods?

Just watch it, even if you're not a tenkara person, you'll still probably like it for the fish porn alone. Nice change of pace from Spencer Turley & Tenkara Rod Co. Sure, the traditional Japanese stuff is great, but would be great to seem more like this in the future.