May 2, 2016

Decompression In A Trout Stream

Life can be a grind. I'm pretty lucky that my family & I have a pretty good living situation, but everyday stresses will still gradually accumulate to the point of implosion. We've all been there, and we all have our own personal outlets.

Fishing for trout in a cool, clear, shaded stream is my mental exhaust valve, so in a relative spur of the moment decision, I hopped in the car after work on Friday and headed six hours north for some "alone time" in the mountains.

Epic fishing? No. Heck, thunderstorms even chased me off the water a bit early.
But so worth it. It had been far too long.

Spent six more hours in the car on Sunday, but absolutely no complaints.
Man, it feels good.


  1. There is no better "medicine" in the world for stress then a few hours on a mountain stream, epic fishing or not. The one you picked looked to be the perfect one for the job.

    1. Michael
      I know you miss trout fishing living in Florida, glad you were able to land some colorful trout in some awesome looking waters. I assume you were in Georgia. We use to live in Ellijay Ga. where there was numerous streams to fish for trout. Only got to fish one which was up in the Fort Mountain area. My wife hated Ellijay and wanted to moved back to Alabama, so after 3 months there we moved. I still miss those little streams. Thanks for sharing

  2. What!!????!!! No tree fish or rock fish pictures? Your slipping!

  3. Those are some beautiful wild fish. I'm really slacking with my trout game.

  4. Yes! Glad you haven't forgotten your roots. Scared me for a minute...I thought you said decomposing in a trout stream.

  5. Well done Mike.
    All the ingredients of a beautiful trip.

  6. I had to revisit...Mike so well said.

  7. Well done. I know a lot of us can relate to having fishing and the outdoors as an exhaust valve. That's definitely true with me. I don't even have to be fishing. I could just be wandering with my camera. Beautiful post!