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Exploring Florida - Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

Would it be strange if I told you that I didn't go fishing at all over the long Memorial Day weekend? Well, strange but true.

Instead, we kinda did family stuff near the house, with the exception of Monday, where it was time to escape for a mini road trip down I-95 to Ponce de Leon Inlet, and more specifically, its lighthouse.

Now this isn't the first time this particular lighthouse has appeared on the blog, rather a photo from afar during a fishing trip to New Smyrna Beach popped up two years ago, however this time we were going to visit the attraction, and perhaps learn a little bit about it in the process.

Here's a tour of the lighthouse grounds, in captioned photo form.

Introduction To Tenkara Wandering

I used to run a bit here called Wednesday Nibbles, I still might bring it back out of mothballs in the future, but today is not the day.

Nibbles was/is very formulaic. It was split up into 4 sections; fishing news, pop culture, more fishing news, & "blog love." The latter being the highlighting of a blog from my blogroll.

So in lieu of the total Nibbles experience, today I'm going to jump straight into blog love, and refer you to a new blog I've become fond of, Tenkara Wandering.

Yeah, I know, another tenkara blog, but really, it's good. No Japanese motifs, no man-bun sporting hipsters, no debating "to one-fly or not to one-fly," it's basically a well-written fly fishing blog, but the author (Andy Wayment) happens to swing a tenkara rod. You'll dig it.

Two of my favorites posts are entitled Siren Creek and Tenkara Humble Pie.

Oh, and the photography is pretty spot on too.

I'll also note the fact that while Tenkara Wandering is a new blog…

Wandering Back To The Driftless - Part Three

As with all trilogies, the final installment may very well be the weakest, but I tried to save the best for last...the fishing portion of the Wisconsin trip!  (For installments one & two, click HERE & HERE)

Very abbreviated fishing. As I mentioned in the first post, it was cold, windy, and wet, and I only fished for a half hour in Coon Creek, right down the road from where a group of us were meeting for dinner. 
Even with the short time and circumstances, the trout were cooperative. I managed two fish on my standard-issue "Road Kone" kebari. The dead drift wasn't working, however, a slightly upstream pulse of the fly seemed to get the fish moving. Even for all the pressure that Coon Creek receives, I thought these were some nice fish.

Saturday was a little bit of a mixed bag. It was still a little bit chilly, plus the Midwest Tenkara Fest was in full swing. There were a few gaps in the presentations that allowed time to sneak down to Coon Cree…

Wandering Back To The Driftless - Part Two

After yesterday's preamble, it's time to get into the meat & potatoes (or perhaps brats & cheese) of my trip to Wisconsin, the 2016 Midwest Tenkara Fest.

The second annual Fest was (in my opinion) quite the success. It's rare when you can hold a fishing event/seminar in a modern, indoor setting that's literally a stone's throw away from a well-managed trout stream. Pretty sweet set up.

The event was hosted by Matt & Mike from Badger Tenkara and spanned two days. Saturday was the more robust schedule, while Sunday was an abbreviated session that allowed folks time to get out and take all of their new tenkara knowledge (& gear) to the area streams.

In this post, I'll highlight the vendors and presentations, in a mostly captioned, pictorial form.

Badger Tenkara
Presentations: "Tenkara 101" & "All Tenkara Is Local"

Streamside Leaders


Zen Fly Fishing Gear
Presentation: "Pools, Pockets, & Edges"