April 9, 2016

Fishing Haturday - Marsh Wear

Marsh Wear's been around for a few years, but it doesn't mean they recycle the same designs of headwear year after year. Some freshness has been added to the Spring 2016 line, and while it's tough to choose just one for Fishing Haturday, I'm going to go with the...

Sunrise Tailer Gulfstream Blue Trucker Rope Hat by Marsh Wear

Dude, it's got that rad rope across the front! Diggin' it. Don't like it, cut it off. Oh, and that blue is freakin' gorgeous. The only thing it's missing are Captain wings on the brim.

Actually, there are a ton of sweet hats, probably worth checking them all out, even the all-mesh designs. Don't be a hater. The Sunrise Tailer runs at just under $29, but there are a few other less expensive designs as well.

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