April 28, 2016

An Angling-Neutral Blog

Are you a worm-dunker?  Perhaps a fly-fisherman who deep down knows you're really meant to thumb a baitcaster? Maybe even a "noodler" who struggles with your tenkara feelings in fear of being labeled by the mainstream?

Well fear not, Troutrageous! is (and will always be) an "Angler-Neutral" website. Anyone can read this blog regardless of angler identity or expression.

I know I'm risking boycott by at least 700,000 readers, but in light of recent events, I thought it was important to make this policy known.

C'mon America, instead of being polarizing, let's just grab a fishing pole.
Any one you feel like.


  1. I have a dream, that one day this nation will rise up,
    and an angler will be judged by length of his catch,
    and not the content of his tacklebox, slingpack, or vest!

    (Umm... next time, maybe try to avoid creating a movement logo that doesn't kinda resemble a swastika if you haven't had enough coffee yet?)


    1. Ha! I didn't even think of the swastika reference when slapping together that horrible photoshop. It's a Target logo, since they are taking the brunt of the "other" national neutrality firestorm.

      BTW - It's a shame the swastika got hijacked by the Nazis back in the day, since it really means "good fortune" in sanskrit. Nobody knows that anymore.

    2. I did not know that! I love trivia. And anyway, now that I look at it, I'm reminded more of Pink Floyd's Hammers from "The Wall." Carry on!

      We don't need no dryfly purists.
      We don't need no nymphing snobs.
      No dark sarcasm on the waters...
      Hey, Guy in the Waders! Leave them bait casters alone!
      All in all you're just another hook in the jaw.

  2. I feel a little sorry for those who concern themselves so deeply with what others think.
    I fish it all: fly, spin, bait cast, 'redneck tenkara'... often on the same trip.
    I hang blades on flies, and hang flies on blades.
    I have a multi-use tackle box and a fly bag.
    I'll go for gar as quick as for trout, and I wont ask permission, nor submit to the kangaroo court of public opinion.

    I certainly appreciate that you aren't afraid to welcome all, Mike.
    Bravery is doing stupid things when you probably shouldn't. But courage is doing what needs doing, as you see fit, without regard to the herd.

    1. It's not easy to swim upstream, yet sometimes it needs to be done :)

  3. Well, I never. But then again, who am I to cast stones. Can I post your logo on my blog?

  4. One of the biggest downsides to being an older adult is that your mid-morning, mid-afternoon, early evening naps often prevent you from picking up on all the important news. I feel like I slept through the New Years Eve party. Seems like all I can add is, I've got worms!

  5. Can't we just all get along.... and fish?

  6. What Keven said, and a bit of what Howard said.

  7. Right on, dude!! I've always been angling neutral and do use my other gear. I may joke about Tenkara at times, but I can promise you, I will be the owner of one sometime this year.