April 29, 2016

North Dakota State Baby!!!!

Badlands. Go Birds...

Not a fishing post, who cares.
I bet he catches fish with his bare hands and eats them raw.

April 28, 2016

An Angling-Neutral Blog

Are you a worm-dunker?  Perhaps a fly-fisherman who deep down knows you're really meant to thumb a baitcaster? Maybe even a "noodler" who struggles with your tenkara feelings in fear of being labeled by the mainstream?

Well fear not, Troutrageous! is (and will always be) an "Angler-Neutral" website. Anyone can read this blog regardless of angler identity or expression.

I know I'm risking boycott by at least 700,000 readers, but in light of recent events, I thought it was important to make this policy known.

C'mon America, instead of being polarizing, let's just grab a fishing pole.
Any one you feel like.

April 27, 2016

BASSCAR - Literally...

It's kinda funny when the term "BASSCAR" gets thrown around in reference to professional bass fishing. You know, those anglers with their clothing and boats all adorned in sponsorships, reminds folks of similarly decorated NASCAR cars and drivers.

Well, this weekend in Talladega, looks like the #4 Busch Chevrolet SS driven by Kevin Harvick is going true BASSCAR...and TROUTCAR as well!

One side Largemouth Bass, the other a Cutthroat Trout

It's actually part of a cool promotion "Trophy Can" that Busch is running...

"Consumers who find one of the 100,000 gold trophy cans randomly seeded in packs of Busch and Busch Light can capture a photo of themselves with the can and submit it online via Busch.com. They'll then be entered for a chance to win weekly premium prizes including GoPros, sonar systems, tackle boxes, fishing bobbers and more. Five lucky consumers will be awarded the grand prize: the fishing trip of a lifetime to one of four possible destinations to go fishing with professional bass fisherman, Kevin VanDam."

Sounds to me like it's time to put beer snobbery aside and go fishing for a Trophy Can!

More info HERE in the press release.

April 26, 2016

Tenkara Tuesday - 2017 TenkaraBum Catskill Tenkara Weekend

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

Been a bit since a Tenkara Tuesday post, but when you see something on Facebook that you just gotta share, well...you just gotta share it, even if it is more than a year away...

And if you happen to be viewing this in a format where that little Facebook embed doesn't work so well...we're talking a TenkaraBum Tenkara Weekend in the Catskills in June 2017. BOOM! 

Certainly a lot more to come, but it's fitting that some sort of tenkara event returns to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum. I think many of us that have been following tenkara for a while recall one of the first gatherings to receive any press in the US was also there back in 2009.  Oh, and so was the guy in the camo...

Screen grab, Tenkara in the Land of Little Rivers, p. 2

April 19, 2016

Book Review - Native To This Stream

Native To This Stream: Brief Writings About Fly-Fishing & the Great Outdoors is a collection of eleven previously published short stories, essays, and poems by Paul Weidknecht. It's a brief read, approximately 80 pages which only took me a little over a half hour to consume it cover to cover.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Many of the stories (literally) hit home; the author is from New Jersey, and his writing immediately took me back to my Mid-Atlantic fly fishing roots.

Two entries that were particularly enjoyable were The Native and Limestoned, both short stories. One about the "birth" of a fisherman, the other perhaps about the "re-birth." A little bit of humor, a little bit of raw emotion, and the backdrop of fly fishing, it's quite a feat to cram such robust tales within a few short pages.

I'm not going to lie, the handful of pages of poetry weren't my speed. I wouldn't say they detracted from the otherwise very satisfying experience, they merely served as bumpers in between stories. I've just never really been "into" poetry, that's my shortcoming, not the book's. They could be Robert Frost quality, they'd still go over my head.

Perhaps I enjoyed Native To This Stream so much because it reminded me of my favorite fly fishing book, Upriver & Downstream, also a collection of short stories. Small bites, easy to consume, sort of like a collection of blog posts. If you're looking for some light reading, or possibly an inexpensive gift to give to a fellow fly fisherman, I couldn't recommend it more.


The book featured in this product review was provided to me at no cost, but carries a suggested retail price of $7.99 (paperback) or $2.99 (Kindle). That said, anyone who has read a review here before knows that free product does not equal a positive review.

April 18, 2016

A Little Sunday Sink Tip Bass

Gonna post a fishing report here today, haven't done many of those lately, well...because I haven't been doing much fishing!

Really didn't go out for long on Sunday, about an hour and a half. Took Lilly to see the Jungle Book around noon (quite good BTW), and K.C. had a roller derby bout she had to leave for at 4:30, so it left a nice little window in between activities to wet a line.

Dink bass munching on a Clouser

Speaking of line, I fished with (gasp) my 6-weight rod and reel and not the tenkara setup for a change. I wanted to give the new Scientific Anglers Frequency sink-tip line I picked up to go chase shad & hybrid bass a test drive. Figure it'd work just fine for the largemouths in the pond near my house too.

Bass in the land of the sideways trees

As you can see above, I did catch a few bass. The first being the definition of dink bass, and the other more on the "medium" spectrum. The second bass did put a nice bend in the L.L. Bean Silver Ghost, and leapt out of the water a few times before coming to hand. Probably could have caught a mess of bluegill too, but I was fishing a Clouser minnow that was just a bit big for them to get a hold of, felt more than a few swipes in the shallows though.

I'm sorry that I didn't take more pictures, and the ones that I did are sort of on the sucky side. One of the fun things going around the internet these days is people freaking out if you hold a bass of any substance anyway except with two hands or vertically from the jaw, or happen to lay it in the grass next to your rod for scale.

No more than 10 degrees, bring your protractors

I get it, and I'm cool with it, but until perhaps I figure out a tripod solution, pictures of bass will probably be on the lame side. I don't even catch big bass, but I'd rather have bad pics than be virtually tarred and feathered by the internet fish handling police. Those folks are vicious.

In any event, hope you all got out fishing this past weekend, perhaps even more than an hour and a half. Seems like the weather is turning everywhere across the country (except maybe in parts of the Rockies), so time to stop tying and start fishing.

April 13, 2016

National Parks Week: April 16-24

In case you missed it, the National Park System turns 100 later this year, August 25th to be exact. But that doesn't mean you have to wait another 4 months to enjoy the parks. As a matter of fact, next week happens to be "National Parks Week" where all parks will have free admission between the dates of April 16 & 24. You can't beat free!

My family is seriously considering doing a National Park for our summer vacation - Lilly even recently started collecting the National Parks quarters set.

Yes, we'll have to brave the crowds, we just need to choose one that will fit everyone's tastes. Me (hiking & fishing), Lilly (activities for those of short attention span), and K.C. (accommodations within driving distance with air conditioning and no bedbugs). We've been chatting about Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Acadia, & Sequoia, but who knows...

A few weeks ago we took in the IMAX movie "National Parks Adventure" and if you look past the extended Subaru commercial within, it was a great watch. If it's in your area, I'd suggest checking it out. You'll probably get the National Parks bug too.

April 11, 2016

Fishing E-Mag Bonanza

I'm a little slow on this one, but wanted to drop a link & embed for a few e-Magazines making the rounds. As someone who struggles every few months to put one together, I know it's not easy, and these folks are doing a great job.

North 40 Fly Shop: April 2016

(couldn't figure out how to embed it, so please click the link in the title to see the mag).

Kype Magazine: Volume 7, Spring 2016

Southern Trout: April/May 2016


The Fly Shop: 2016 Jungle Catalog

April 9, 2016

Fishing Haturday - Marsh Wear

Marsh Wear's been around for a few years, but it doesn't mean they recycle the same designs of headwear year after year. Some freshness has been added to the Spring 2016 line, and while it's tough to choose just one for Fishing Haturday, I'm going to go with the...

Sunrise Tailer Gulfstream Blue Trucker Rope Hat by Marsh Wear

Dude, it's got that rad rope across the front! Diggin' it. Don't like it, cut it off. Oh, and that blue is freakin' gorgeous. The only thing it's missing are Captain wings on the brim.

Actually, there are a ton of sweet hats, probably worth checking them all out, even the all-mesh designs. Don't be a hater. The Sunrise Tailer runs at just under $29, but there are a few other less expensive designs as well.

April 8, 2016

Friday Dose of Brook Trout

No, not any brook trout I've caught recently...

I'm on the mailing list of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. Guess I got on there from purchasing a few seasons worth of New York fishing licenses a few years back when I used to visit the Finger Lakes area regularly...

Anyway, the most recent mailing had two links to some pretty interesting articles about New York brook trout. Worth the time, especially if you're at work and have already mentally "checked out," looking forward to the weekend. (Your secret's safe with me, I won't tell your boss).

The Eastern Brook Trout (Robert Michelson) is an overview of what the brookies are all about...it's not groundbreaking information, but you may learn a new thing or two about this captivating species. The photos are pretty small, but they're also pretty good. You can get a better look at them by downloading the PDF rather than viewing the website.

Bringing Back Brookies (Fiorentino/Stegemann) is more focused on conservation efforts to restore native brook trout habitat in the Adirondacks. Concentrating specifically on Lower Sargent Pond, it's a brief read that provides an overview of the efforts that took place over the past few years to remove non-native fish in order to allow the brook trout to (hopefully) thrive again. Once more, there's a PDF download as well.


April 7, 2016

The 2016 Midwest Tenkara Fest Is Coming...

Damn, looked at the calendar and realized we're about a month away from the 2016 Midwest Tenkara Fest. Guess I need to stop procrastinating and book that flight to Wisconsin.

I have to say that last year's Fest was one of the highlights of my fishing year. I don't get to fish for trout as often as I once did, so to be able to be fully immersed for a long weekend, well, doesn't get much better for me.

If you're in the Midwest and even a little Tenkara-curious, I'd highly recommend heading out to Coon Valley for at least one of the days of the Fest. The folks from Badger Tenkara host a top notch event, and the attendees (both anglers and vendors) couldn't be any more friendly.

Me, I'm just looking forward to a few cold Spotted Cows
If you do go, maybe I'll buy you a round too...

A recap of 2015's Midwest Tenkara Fest can be found HERE

April 6, 2016

Wayback...With Owl Jones

The Wayback Machine is one of those things that exists on the internet that is just dangerous enough to get you in trouble.

I'm going to push a minor boundary today and re-post an old OwlJones.com post from 2011 that I found on said Wayback Machine, during the apex of the "Fishertainment" era. Good ol' Owl hasn't authorized me to do so, so I suppose if his buddy "Rufus T." comes knocking at my door with a cease & desist and a toothless grin, I guess I've earned it. Oh, and then after the post, I've got another treat for you if you've got some serious time to burn...

One Simple Rule to Get More Hits
JUNE 11, 2011

Let’s take a moment on this lovely Sat. morning to talk about stats. ( Oh BOY! ) It seems as though no matter how much time and effort I put into articles on videos, sentimental stuff, top 10 lists, blog news, camping, trip reports, wild trout, other bloggers, give-aways, etc. etc. etc. – the one simple rule you have to follow in order to boost your hits is this:

Make people angry.

Now, of course it’s not my intention to make people angry, but it happens (according to our stats data) any time I say something about Tenkara that isn’t 100% positive in nature. As a matter of fact, The Tenkara Scam is our #1 heavy hitter after the main (and ever-changing) homepage you’re reading right now. Tenkara people get REALLY angry if you don’t love tenkara with all your heart and soul. (Apparently, just “liking” it enough to fish with it 80% of the time isn’t good enough for these jokers).

So I was just thinking…maybe we should try that theory out on a few other things? I mean, after all – if it’s going to boost our readership around here by 10-20% each day wouldn’t it be worth it? I think so.

Let’s begin by making a list of upcoming topics that should really get things headed in the right direction:

  • Tenkara fishing has been linked to bad breath, bi-polar tendencies, and gingivitis.
  • Fishing with a fly rod that costs over $75 is for fools. Over $100 and you’re just down-right insane!
  • “Rock Snot” is a made up invasive designed to sell more wading boots.
  • People from North Carolina are mentally unstable and should be locked up for their own safety.
  • People from South Carolina aren’t much better.
  • There is no better fly fishing state in these United States than Alabama. They also have the best colleges.
  • Gravy, when eaten more than once a month, can cause pregnancy among women who also have sex.
  • Orvis gear makes you a better fisherman. Wearing twice as much as anyone else on the river brings you good luck.
  • Tenkara rods would be so much better if they were only 4.654 ft. long. And free.
  • Global warming is a man-made thing. And by thing, I mean…absurd and utterly false condition to scare the sheeple silly.
  • The air quality of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in summer is awesome. ( Come on down. Bring your car.)
  • Bass fishing is for girly-men who can’t catch trout.
  • The big names in blogging all got there by sleeping their way to the top. With each other. Repeatedly.

Alright then, that should just about do it. I don’t know how I could tick off anymore folks than that. Seems to me that I’ve just about hit everything I can with that one post. So now, we’ll see just how well this works as the masses get their feathers ruffled and show up here in droves to tell me off. I can’t wait to see the stats page come Monday! Don’t let me down, now! Tell your friends! Owl’s lost his mind and you’ve got a ticket to the show!

Oh wait…

There we go. That just about does it I guess. Thanks for reading!


Now to that treat, or perhaps terror...
If you'd prefer to listen rather than read...I was also surprised to find that these OwlJonesLive! gems are still out there:  http://mixlr.com/owljoneslive/showreel/


April 4, 2016

Valley Creek In The News...

Found my old stomping grounds in the news twice over the weekend...

Received my Spring 2016 issue of Trout magazine, (Trout Unlimited's member's only magazine) on Saturday. Page 26 features Valley Creek as a "Trout Adventure Near Cities" which it is. It's also not a secret to any Southeastern Pennsylvania trout angler in search of wild trout, so no reason to freak out that the magazine is "hot-spotting" some secret resource.

Philly.com also ran a piece over the weekend about how the Pennsylvania Turnpike expansion project may put those wild trout at risk. The local chapter of Trout Unlimited have concerns that the steps the Turnpike Commission & Tredyffrin Township plan on taking will not mitigate the additional storm water runoff created by the highway additions. The township actually claims that after they are down there will be less runoff. Both sides are presented fairly, which I like.

For those that don't understand why that is a concern, runoff is basically the rainwater that hits an impermeable surface such as asphalt and can't be absorbed. The introduction of runoff into a waterway can increase its temperature and bring with it any contaminants it picks up along the way (oil, antifreeze, etc...), none of which would be good for the resident trout population.

Neither read is particularly long and actually the Philly.com piece adds additional color to the Trout magazine entry, so if you have access to both, they are good to read in tandem.

I've written about Valley Creek 68 prior times (more than any other waterway). To read previous posts about Valley Creek, including many fishing reports of the beautiful wild brown trout population, click HERE. I'd recommend scrolling down until you find posts from 2013, my last year as a Pennsylvania resident.

April 2, 2016

Happy Opening Day of Trout Season!

Just wanted to wish my friends back up in Southeastern Pennsylvana a happy Opening Day of trout season!

Pennsylvania is weird and has two opening days, one in the Southeast (April 2nd), and one in the rest of the Commonwealth (April 16th). For the most part, you can fish anywhere year round, however, the stocked waters do more or less all get shut down in March to accommodate planting of fish.

As a fan of chasing wild fish with a fly rod, the allure of opening day resides in the somewhat chaotic spectacle; it also marked one of the few days I'd break out the ultralight spinning outfit, as the tight quarters of shoulder to shoulder anglers made casting and tending fly line a bit awkward.

Now living in Florida, I still miss it, although perhaps a little less with each passing year. Looking forward to getting back sometime in the future as it would be nice to get back into the "wax worm vs. corn niblet vs. Powerbait" debate again. (By the way, the correct answer is none of the above; inline spinners).

Have fun, be considerate of your neighbor in the hole, and be patient with tangled lines!

Prior Year's Opening Day Posts: 
2007  |  2008  |  2009  |  2010  |  2011  |  2012  |  2013

April 1, 2016

Tony Danza To Star In New Lefty Kreh Bio Pic

Tony Danza has been perfectly "cast" into his next role.

Troutrageous! has confirmed that the former Taxi and Who's the Boss actor is in talks to star in Lefty's Deceiver, a biopic based on Bernard "Lefty" Kreh, the beloved American angler, photographer, and instructor. From Dusk Till Dawn’s Robert Rodriguez will direct, with a script co-written by Curt Warner, author of the Olive The Woolly Bugger book series and former NFL running back.

The film, which reunites the production team behind Sister Act, tells the story of one of America's most prominent fly fishing anglers, one who gained fame in pioneering a radical casting style that deviated from the classic "Ten to Two" technique that modern saltwater anglers use to pursue fish. Kreh also developed his signature fly, the titular "Lefty's Deceiver," arguably the best-known saltwater fly in the world.

Danza recently appeared on Comedy Central's Broad City, and won an Academy Award for his gritty portrayal of Mel Clark in 1994's Angels in the Outfield. Filming on Lefty's Deceiver will begin in Cleveland in May.