March 23, 2016

New Season - New Gear

Took advantage of L.L. Bean's Spring Fishing event and hooked up a pair of their new Kennebec wading boots at 20% off (and added a few more $ off via holiday gift cards) over the weekend. 

Image from L.L. Bean Spring Fly Fishing Preview at 2015 IFTD

Loved my old pair of Gray Ghost boots, and after several years of abuse, it was finally time to upgrade. Never had a pair of BOA wading boots, but looking forward to putting them to the test once they ship later this year. (They are on backorder until May and I'm in no rush).

With that, and with warming temperatures and the new season of fishing ahead, did any of my readers pick up any new gear over the winter (or recently) that you are excited to get on the water?

Would love to hear what's new for you in 2016 in the comments below...


  1. Good looking boots. I've been skeptic on the whole Boa thing since they first came out. I've been working on a post about my off season gear acquisitions, and think it'll be out next week.
    -Korkers Greenback Boots
    -Orvis Sonic Waders
    -New lures
    ...and possibly pulling the trigger on a new spinning rod.

  2. Those look like nice boots. Are there drain holes hidden near the sole? I used to never really care much about boots until I bought Simms Guide Boots.