Kickstarter - The Fishing Buckle

I'm no deep sea sport-fisherman, actually furthest from it...however, this Kickstarter is kind of interesting, it's a covertly disguised fighting belt, cleverly concealed within a non-descript belt buckle.

Why does one need this? Maybe because they don't want to strap on a plastic, phallic, flag pole anchor every time they have a nice fish on? I don't know.

What I do know is that I dig the smart design, and respect that this guy took this idea and ran with it. I might even pick one up for some of the saltwater fishermen in my family. For a Kickstarter pledge of $25, it seems reasonably priced, but since he's gotta hit $20,000 to fund the project, there's still a long way to go.

Watch the video below, or check out the website HERE to learn more.


  1. After seeing videos of Japanese keiryu anglers getting dragged around by big salmon and steelhead in Canada and Alaska, I wondered why they didn't use something like that. With a really big fish, though, you might want the larger size of the real thing to spread the force. With just a belt buckle, you'd probably get quite a bruise.

    1. I'd think so too (the last part about distributing the pressure)...but hey, I'd imagine in a pinch, this could be a "gamechanger" :)

  2. People already laugh at me when I fish.

  3. Hey All, First off, Thanks Troutrageous for the great article. I'm Marcus - The guy who created The Fishing Buckle. @cstewart35 - You're right, big game anglers will definitely still use their Fighting Belts, as will I. I had originally thought it would make a good substitute for all the times you're not using a traditional fighting belt, but found that it was surprisingly capable in my testing. My dad and I each used one for about a year(intermittently) and pulled in several 35+ pound Mahi Mahi and 2 65+ pound sailfish among others. @michael I definitely can't compete with the surface area of the larger fighting belt but really appreciated using The Fishing Buckle for the 90% of the time I didn't have a winner on the line. Checking your bait, setting lines on the outrigger or just letting out line, surf fishing, etc.. Honestly, it also gave me a cool, personalized gift for my dad - I had his initials laser etched on the front.

    1. Thanks for the replies Marcus, wish you the best with your Kickstarter!

  4. Very interesting product. You always find the coolest new gadgets, Mike! While this is something I will never own, still really cool, and I dig the concept and simplicity, and functionality of it.


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