March 12, 2016

Fishing Haturday - This Is Fly

You know This Is Fly, the tight e-mag that does an awesome job blending fly fishing & modern culture together into a thoroughly entertaining read? Well, they have a small store as well where they sell swag, including hats.

I'm really digging on the patch designs on a few of their hats, so today's featured hat is...

I think the message here is a good one, something everyone should be able to get behind. There are far too many internet assholes who seemingly make it their primary mission to troll how fellow fly-fishers fish, the size of their catches, or whatever...

I mean does it really matter how you care to fly fish? Dry flies, streamers, Czech nymphs, tenkara, indicators, whatever? Wild fish or stocked, 30 inches or 3, who cares, it's about recreation and fun. 

So if you're not one of those douchebags, I think this is a pretty rad hat.
At $20 it won't break the bank to extend the gospel of fly fishing brotherhood atop your dome.


  1. They have some really cool hats, thanks for the link.

  2. I really like my hat collection but I'm hold out for a Troutrageous! hat.

  3. Dig this hat, and the others on their site. Currently using my will power not to purchase. Thanks, for sharing!