March 29, 2016

Fish & Chips

Ok, in my pyramid of recreational enjoyment, fishing is easily the capstone. See, I catch fish so infrequently, the adrenaline rush that the occasionally tightened line provides is absolutely boombastic, (say me fantastic).

But since one cannot be fishing at all hours, on a Monday night, around 9ish, there's probably nothing better than chips & dip & wrestling...

Well, except chips & dip & women's wrestling.

And yes, I ate the whole tub.

Don't worry, I eat salads for lunch to make up for said sour cream-based gluttony.
Gotta keep my figure to look good in those waders...


  1. I'm not sure a salad lunch counters eating a whole tub of dip.

  2. Don't worry. After a while your figure doesn't matter any more.

  3. I haven't watched wrestling in years, but was sooo into it when the Rock was still there on a regular basis. The writing fell off for me once he left. I think you reminding me about the women, might get me motivated to watch to steal the remote from my GF...a plan I will devise.

    1. Michael
      You are forgiven for the eating all the chips and tub of dip---two hours of workout at the gym, should justify---thanks for stirring me to the kitchen and inhaling some corn chips!!!

    2. @ Carf - FYI, Wrestlemania is this weekend, including a 5 on 5 women's tag match...hint, hint...

    3. @ Bill - Ooh, like tortilla chips or Fritos?...I could go for some Fritos & a Dr. Pepper...