January 5, 2016

Tenkara Tuesday - New Year, New News...

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

With the turn of the new year, there's been a flurry of interesting news in tenkara circles. Figured I'd recap a little bit of it here today.

Tenkara - The Book?

Leading off, Tenkara USA teased a new tenkara book on Facebook yesterday. Knowing nothing more than what this video displays, it appears that there's quite a bit of eye candy to be had. Looking forward to adding this to my fly fishing library.

This has been a project in the making for the last few years and it is now getting closer to reality. Stay tuned to hear more about "Tenkara - the book" by Daniel Galhardo
Posted by Tenkara USA on Monday, January 4, 2016

And speaking of books, don't forget the e-book that the guys from Discover Tenkara have coming out as well. Sign up for their newsletter HERE for more updates, but it looks like we've all got a lot of reading in front of us!

2016 Tenkara Winter Series

Next, the details of the Tenkara Winter Series were announced (and accompanying website updated). Slated for March 12th in Golden, CO, there will be presentations by Bob Younger, Dennis Coppock, Jason Klass, & Robert Worthing, as well as a 2016 new product unveil by Zen Fly Fishing Gear, hosts of the event. If only I lived closer...

Tenkara Times TRY300

Finally, the popular Tenkara Times TRY330 rod has been reimagined for 2016. Per the release:

"The new TRY300 rod is an update to the TRY330 and it retains the best qualities of its predecessor. Much thought and design consideration went into the original TRY330 and that continues with the TRY300. 
The TRY300 is very light, weighing only 56 grams and with a center of gravity of 55cm and rotational moment of 3.08 it feels extremely light in the hand. 
The rod blank is painted matte grey without accents. Since small stream tenkara fishing typically happens at very short distances this muted color is stealthy and spooks fish much less than a bright and glossy rod can. The rod’s light weight allows you to comfortably grip the rod by the butt and is the reason we use a short handle with only the single profile bump. 
The true rod length is 3.06 meters so the new model name of TRY300 now more accurately indicates the rod’s actual length."

The TRY300 is available now at the Tenkara Times website, and will also be available domestically at Three Rivers Tenkara in the not too distant future.


Are you a tenkara angler? Do you have a story, pictures, video, fly recipe, or simply a fishing report from one of your recent tenkara adventures? If so, I'd really enjoy hearing from you for an upcoming Tenkara Tuesday post or Tenkara Angler magazine! Feel free to send an email HERE, I'd love to publish your original contribution.


  1. With the lack of water in the creeks last year, I think my rod has mold on it. Maybe this year I can get some Tenkara fishing in.

    1. I think you'll be able to. Don't worry, the mold wipes off easily. :)

  2. It is great to see that tenkara is growing in western countries. A few years ago some have qualified it of a fad. They were wrong.