November 1, 2015

Who Says Fly Tying Is Hard?

Who loves spending hours upon hours at the fly tying vise?  Not me, I'd rather be fishing, or eating candy or something...

With that in mind, I couldn't help but share this post/recipe from TenkaraBum on "The Overhand Worm." And don't think just because the source has "tenkara" in it, that this is only a tenkara fly. Remember, the fish don't know if you use a reel or not...



  1. In answer to your title, people such as Moi, that have fat fingers.

  2. "the fish don't know if you use a reel or not..." Excellent! I like to keep my ties to 2 minutes or less. No need to tie intricate patterns. Another thing to remember is fish don't know the difference between a "good presentation" or a "bad presentation".