November 2, 2015

The Next Time I Visit Valley Creek In October I'll Leave The Rod At Home...

Haven't been back to Pennsylvania all that often since I moved to Florida. It's a shame, I miss it a lot, but for whatever the reason I've only been back maybe three (or four) times in almost three years.

A few weekends ago, back on the 17th of October, we decided to change that...and I even tried to get a little fishing in. Albeit somewhat unsuccessfully.

Look at the size of this HAWG!

It was sort of funny, Mother Nature must have known we were coming from sunny, 85 degree Florida. A cold front pushed through the region coinciding with our arrival, dropping the overnight/early morning temperatures down to the low 30s, the coldest in Philadelphia since April.

I had to use the window defrosters on the car in the morning...I don't even think cars in Florida have window defrosters. That kinda sucked. Ugh, I'm getting soft.

I should have known better, back in 2013 I visited at almost the same time of year and had very similar results. Valley Creek probably could have benefited from some rain too, the water was very low and very clear.

So in lieu of good wild trout pics, here are just some photos of the stream & surroundings.
Despite the cold temps and missing fish it was good to be back, I missed it.
Valley Creek warms my soul.

The covered bridge is evidently still under construction after being hit by a truck

Was bummed these riffles didn't yield any fish, they're usual a "honey hole"

Leaves down and in the water, you can tell it's Fall in the Northeast

A peek upstream - the low, slow water made the run look almost glass-like

The water's usually knee deep here, it was lucky to be ankle deep.

Postscript: October fishing in Valley Creek isn't always bad, I just had some bad luck the last two times. Here's a post from 2010 that shows the other side of the coin.


  1. Mike that stream looks good compared to what it was like a short time ago. Dry times in the northeast.

  2. Always nice to go "home". Scenery was good.