October 8, 2015

The LaunchPack Anti-Duffle™ Fishing Gear Bag

You might have noticed that I've been trying to liven up the blog...a few consecutive days of posts with full intentions of writing another one for Thursday.

But I'm gonna be honest, I went out to a business dinner after work tonight (Wednesday), and as I'm sitting here on the sofa passively watching TV in a "drunken" carb-induced haze from consuming far too much Italian food, thinking up something to write isn't coming too easy right now...

So wasn't I happy to find an email from Erik, co-founder of a company called LaunchPack in my Inbox tonight to provide some inspiration...(Erik, you picked a good night for a cold call!)

Introducing LaunchPack, the "Anti-Duffle"

So what is an Anti-Duffle you might ask?
In short, it's a minimalist fishing duffle with MASSIVE capacity.

"We set out to design a streamlined fishing gear bag for how we fish most often: single or partial day sessions.

We wanted easy loading and unloading, clean and dirty gear separation, and flexible capacity.  The result is our Anti-Duffle.™ 
Two giant compartments (boots and waders in one side, everything else in the other). Three internal pockets quickly accessed by one zipper. And the ability to just drop rod tubes, a camp chair, or a six-pack into the center then cinch the bag closed.

Oh, and when empty, it makes a perfect changing platform."

If you find this sort of pack appealing, (and why wouldn't you?) then head on over to the LaunchPack website HERE to learn more about the Anti-Duffle's features and benefits, and perhaps even pick one up...it'll run you $129, or 5,941 Philippine Pesos (at the time of writing) and includes a free year's membership to Trout Unlimited.

Or, if you're socially inclined, or just enjoy ogling photos of other people's gear bags, you'll find them lurking over on Instagram too; peep them HERE.


  1. Looks like it doesn't have quick-release buckles. Is that correct? If so, the addition of QR buckles would make this duffel (anti, of course!) a real winner.

  2. Paul, the bag actually does use quick-release buckles. They are metal (so you can step on them and they won't break) and have a thin "hook" that catches a loop of webbing. They're about as fast to use as a standard plastic side-release buckle, just a lot more durable!