The Emmys, Eagles, & WWE...with a Touch of Fly Tying...

So did you watch the Emmys last night?
Yeah, neither did I...

Glad to see Seinfeld still winning hardware...

Ended the weekend (whip) finishing up some flies for a Facebook fly swap and lamenting the fact that I wasn't in Colorado.

Perhaps coming to a mailbox near you?

It was a good way to unwind after a long few days of watching roller derby, as well as having my Eagles pretty much suck all of the life out of my interest in the NFL this year. Like, c'mon Chip, really? Really with this Sam Bradford crap?

Dear Mr. Bradford - Upon entry of the red zone, throw it your own team

Jesu...I mean Tim Tebow...would have found a way to win that game...

Oh and to cap it off, greasy haired, red jumpsuit wearing Kane is back? What in the name of Xavier Woods is going on, this can't be what's best for business HHH!

I can handle a Y2J cameo, but don't bring a relic out of mothballs to blindside "The Future"...oh, Rollins was facing an even older Sting in the first place...what year is it again?

You probably didn't follow much of that, did you? Very little fishing content, I know. Even less coherency, whatever. That's what trying to slap together a blog post at 1 AM will do to you...

Tenkara Tuesday tomorrow. Until then...


  1. I ddn't watch the Emmys, as guessed, and I haven't watched wrestling since the rock left the first time. Miss those days, if you can smell what I'm cooking. Those are some great looking flies, how many needed to be tied?

  2. You have to look at the bright side of an Eagle least Tony Romo had a bad day.


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