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Kype Fishing Magazine: Volume 6 / Issue 2 Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 issue of Kype Magazine is out.

I've been a big supporter of the magazine for a few years but am really enjoying the direction of the content since Aileen Lane took over the publishing reigns last year.

Some highlights of this issue include Fly Fishing the Flats (page 6), Fly Farming (page 24) and Small Streams & Tenkara (page 42).  Check it all out either HERE or via the embed above.

Video - Fly Fishing Father & Son Stormtroopers

This is rather excellent from Tight Lines Fly Fishing Company...
Stick with it, it gets better as it goes...

I mean who doesn't need a Jawa to assist with fly selection?

Tenkara Tuesday - Ultralight Floating Tenkara Line

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday (on Wednesday)...

Ever since I moved to Florida, I've been seeking ways to fine tune my tenkara tackle to the abundant still-water opportunities that present themselves seemingly everywhere. While many of the same tenkara rods, lines, and flies can be used with great success, I've found that adding a good floating tenkara fly line to the arsenal has been an excellent enhancement to my gear cache. Heck, I even wrote a Tenkara Tuesday post about it back in May.

When I was approached to test out a new floating tenkara line offering from Three Rivers Tenkara, I figured the product would be very similar to some of the other lines I was using...but upon further examination, I couldn't be more wrong.

It became very clear while attaching the line to my rod was that it was truly "ultralight" and that wasn't just a buzzword used to sell lines. Since floating lines are made from some sort of plastic, they tend to have a little bit of bulk to t…

New & Improved Moldy Chum - An Unsolicited Review

I'm going to put Tenkara Tuesday on hold for a day.

I couldn't help but notice yesterday that one of my favorite sites, one of the few sites that has been a constant in fly fishing media for the last decade, Moldy Chum, wasn't so moldy anymore.

With a top to bottom redesign, the crisp, clean, new website is definitely a visual upgrade that's easy on the eyes.

The latest version brings over some of the content from the old site, plus has functionality to incorporate additional features like regular giveaways, wallpaper downloads, and better showcase the "Slab of the Month" contest. It's all great stuff, I think they hit a visual home run. Bold images, clean fonts, better social and sharing features, and a better platform to actually write extended posts if they so choose, there's a ton of goodness going on here.

With the good, there's the bad, and in making all of these upgrades, it's hard to ignore that they've made it a little bit more cu…

The Emmys, Eagles, & WWE...with a Touch of Fly Tying...

So did you watch the Emmys last night?
Yeah, neither did I...

Ended the weekend (whip) finishing up some flies for a Facebook fly swap and lamenting the fact that I wasn't in Colorado.

It was a good way to unwind after a long few days of watching roller derby, as well as having my Eagles pretty much suck all of the life out of my interest in the NFL this year. Like, c'mon Chip, really? Really with this Sam Bradford crap?

Jesu...I mean Tim Tebow...would have found a way to win that game...

Oh and to cap it off, greasy haired, red jumpsuit wearing Kane is back? What in the name of Xavier Woods is going on, this can't be what's best for business HHH!

I can handle a Y2J cameo, but don't bring a relic out of mothballs to blindside "The Future"...oh, Rollins was facing an even older Sting in the first place...what year is it again?

You probably didn't follow much of that, did you? Very little fishing content, I know. Even less coherency, whatever. That's…

Reader Suggested Content...

As a blogger, it is crucial to read and respond to your readers' comments.

This is for you +Kevin Frank

Tenkara, Roller Derby, Swag, & Calendar Grab Bag

Sometimes there's beauty in silence...

That could have been the theme of this blog over the past few weeks. Other than a random post here or there, I gotta be honest, it was just nice to kind of tune most everything internet & social media out for a little bit.

However, it's time to hop back on that horse; I think I'll give a rundown of some things of note, things that may even foreshadow future posts here on the blog...

The 2015 Tenkara Summit

Yep, the Tenkaraverse is descending on Colorado again for a gathering that seems to get bigger and better each and every year. I have to admit that while I'm kinda bummed not to be heading West this year (I've attended the last three), I wish all of my fixed-line friends safe travels and an absolutely awesome time.

While meeting others and putting faces to names is always the highlight, Rocky Mountain National Park is also beautiful this time of year, the bugling elk should be out and about, and I'm sure the fish will…

Johnny Cash - German Fish Feared Him

Currently on a little getaway in Nashville. Not planning on posting a bunch of vacation pictures, however while in the Johnny Cash Museum yesterday, this little bit of history jumped out at me...

No, not all of those gold & platinum records, rather Johnny's fishing license, from his military service in 1950s Germany.

Oh, and that's one big stringer of fish too...

I sure bet "The Man in Black" was fun to have as company at a fish fry...

Force Friday: A Waste of $150?

A lot of people said tenkara rods were a waste of money a few years back... $150 for a cane pole... There are still quite a few holdouts, but many have come around. I've certainly had a lot of fun with them for the past 6 years and feel like I have gotten more than my money's worth.

$150 for this on the other hand...

Umm...take my money now?
Actually, I'm not sure I'm sold...but it's really freakin' cool.

Happy "Force Friday" & Labor Day weekend.
Regularly scheduled fishing content will return next week.