August 9, 2015

Woman On Mars? Ummm...Look To The Left!!!

Over the past few days there has been a lot of buzz about a photo from Mars that appears to show a ghostly woman, just kinda standing in the middle of nowhere...

Now if you're into outer space and extraterrestrials (like I am), it's kind of a no brainer. Of course it's a woman on Mars. Are we as Earthlings ignorant enough to think we are the only lifeforms in the galaxy?

The thing that is REALLY notable about this picture is if you actually find the raw image file from the NASA website and zoom out a bit...(the woman is still about center)

What, don't see it yet?

Let me zoom in for you...

BOOM! A Tenkara Sasquatch, unmistakably fishing a run on a crystal clear Martian stream.

The truth is out there just need to know where to look...


  1. Sometimes you can take a really interesting story and just turn it upside down. Of course there is intelligent life (and Tenkara Sasquatch) out there. "There are more than 400 billion planets out there and you think we're the only one with an intelligent life form". That's been my argument with many people over the years. Besides there is always Ancient Aliens on the Discovery Channel.

  2. I found this really interesting. Unfortunately I have to correct anyone who thinks there is intelligent life on earth. Politics in American proves that theory to be false.

  3. How do we know that's not some jawa looking for android parts?

  4. This is extremely debatable, but I'm with you Mike!