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Nashville Bound

Not today, not tomorrow, but this upcoming Labor Day weekend...

The family & I have never been there, (actually a bit of a lie, I went there for work once but hardly got out of the hotel), so about two months ago, on a whim, we bought a few "Wanna Get Away" tickets on Southwest Airlines.
Other than country music, which definitely isn't my expertise, I don't know a whole lot about Nashville. We're planning on doing all of the touristy things, and even scoped out some pretty indulgent places to eat...because let's be honest, local eats are always the highlight of any trip.
What I'm curious is if there are any places (be they urban...creeks, parks, whatever) where I might be able to do a little fishing on foot? Even if it's just to sneak away for an hour or two...tenkara rods pack up too small not to bring one everywhere.

That said, we are staying at the Gaylord Opryland just for the spectacle, and well as Bill Heavey wrote earlier this year in Field…

Tenkara Tuesday - Traveling Around The Tenkara Horn

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

In today's installment on Tenkara Tuesday, I'd like to use it as an opportunity to highlight a handful of blog posts from others that are really worth your time checking out. There is quite a bit of cool stuff going on these days...

Of Rock And Riffle

Last week Adam Klags concluded a three piece trip report of his recent journey to Italy. There have been many anglers highlighting recent tenkara trips to Japan, but Italy...well, that's worth checking out too! While the posts look really long, there are a ton of photos, so each is easily digestible. They can be found HERE, HERE, & HERE.

Tenkara Enso

Did I mention tenkara trips to Japan?  Christophe from Tenkara Enso recently returned from a trip of a lifetime. This little recap won't do his travels justice - meeting Yuzo Sebata, learning how to build bamboo rods, visiting Hiromichi Fuji's workshop, oh, and tons of fishing...check out all the posts to date HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.


Tenkara USA Podcasts - "Tenkara Cast"

Last evening, Tenkara USA announced that they will be releasing tenkara-based podcasts moving forward. There are currently 3 available, either via Soundcloud or iTunes that are really worth a listen.

I listened to the first one last night, and the other two this morning during my drive into work. Of the three, the second, "Excuses - Why You May Get Skunked and How to Catch Fish" is definitely a gem.

Excuse #4 even references a poorly-kept secret in tenkara-circles. But you'll have to listen, or maybe click HERE, to learn more about that!

Well done Daniel and the Tenkara USA crew, looking forward to more great tenkara content in future Tenkara Casts!

Gear Review - Mojo Sportswear "Mr. Big" Short Sleeve Performance Fishing Shirt

Way back in the beginning of the Summer, back before the ICAST Show, I was sent a sample from Mojo Sportswear to do a gear review. They sent along a really nice fishing shirt...a Mr. Big button down performance shirt...not an "Under Armour-style" synthetic t-shirt that seems to be all the rage these days.

I wore it around the house a little bit, I wore it outside in the Florida heat, I just never wore it to go fishing. Sadly, most of my fishing plans got thwarted by either bad weather or family time over the last month or so...not that I can really complain about the latter. As such, I've been a bad blogger reviewer, something I wanted to rectify today.
So let's get into the a classic "Pros & Cons" format...
The Mr. Big shirt is really well executed. The fabric is far from flimsy, but it isn't hot either. The back venting really helps keep you cool, and this is probably one of the features I like the best about the Mr. Big. It is …

Tenkara Tuesday - Simple Flies by Morgan Lyle

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

Today we're going to talk flies. Or rather an excellent book that shows you how to tie them.

For those that are looking to fill their fly box, but might not be the most gifted of fly tyer, Simple Flies: 52 Easy-to-Tie Patterns that Catch Fish (by Morgan Lyle) is an absolute "must read" prior to their next tying session.

The beauty of this book is that all of the flies can be tied rather quickly with only a handful of materials, something that will likely align with the "less is more" philosophy that attracts many anglers to tenkara.

While those readers will probably be pleased to find a tenkara-centric section with photos of familiar faces such as Daniel Galhardo & "TenkaraBum" Chris Stewart, and flies such as the Ishigaki kebari, Takayama kebari, and Utah Killer kebari, the other forty-something patterns within (perhaps with the exception of some of the larger, weighted streamers) are also very compatible with ultral…

Seneca Inc.: Pennsylvania Handcrafted

Just thought I'd share at-shirt I decided to take the plunge on last night.

It's not my typical style, but based on my Keystone State upbringing, the graphic on the back was far too appropriate to pass...

I've been following Seneca Inc. on Instagram for a little bit now. In addition to this shirt, there is also headwear that borrows from the same Jake Beaver design, as well as some other great gear that might fall right in your wheelhouse.

Woman On Mars? Ummm...Look To The Left!!!

Over the past few days there has been a lot of buzz about a photo from Mars that appears to show a ghostly woman, just kinda standing in the middle of nowhere...

Now if you're into outer space and extraterrestrials (like I am), it's kind of a no brainer. Of course it's a woman on Mars. Are we as Earthlings ignorant enough to think we are the only lifeforms in the galaxy?

The thing that is REALLY notable about this picture is if you actually find the raw image file from the NASA website and zoom out a bit...(the woman is still about center)

What, don't see it yet?

Let me zoom in for you...

BOOM! A Tenkara Sasquatch, unmistakably fishing a run on a crystal clear Martian stream.

The truth is out there just need to know where to look...

Tenkara Tuesday - Tenkara Angler Magazine

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday...

This past weekend I was goofing around on the computer installing the new Windows 10 operating system (so far, so good by the way), when I stumbled across some online publishing software I downloaded for Lilly a few years ago when she wanted to write and print her own paperback book that she could keep in her personal library of children's books.

Being a tinkerer by nature, one thing led to another and over the course of Friday night and Saturday afternoon I ended up using that software to throw together some tenkara-themed articles and pictures that I've posted to the blog in the past, sprinkled in a little bit of new content, and created a magazine called Tenkara Angler.

By dating it "Fall 2015" the allusion is to Tenkara Angler being a quarterly publication, although who really knows. This could easily be the first and last issue. I suppose it can serve as a test to gauge interest, of both consumption and collaboration.

As you'll …

“Once You Start Down the Dark Path, Forever Will It Dominate Your Destiny, Consume You It Will.”

I've got trout stuck on my mind again. I need to get back to, I mean Georgia...and pay my pocket water Yoda a visit.

If not now, soon...Autumn isn't that far away.