July 6, 2015

The 4th of July Weekend Photo Bin

The "Photo Bin"...here?

Consider it a homage paid to the regular feature on Mike's Gone Fishin'...Again that I enjoy so much, as well as a way to piece together a blog post when there isn't really one.

And with that, here is some of the weekend's randomness...

Checked out a "new to me" pond on the Southside of Jacksonville on Saturday. Not a lot of room for fly casting so I bailed pretty quickly. Did see two guys drop in a jon boat as I was leaving, so there must be fish in there, maybe I'll go back with a spincaster...

Headed to another, smaller pond closer to home. Caught a few fish, but nothing memorable.
Without much shade or cover around this pond (the car was parked under one of the few cool spots), the bite shut down pretty good by 10AM. 

Braved the local outlet mall on Friday morning. It was total chaos, but KC & Lilly wanted stuff from the GAP. I went to Under Armour and Nike and picked up a few t-shirts. Exciting, I know. The better score came in the mail, this kebari necklace from a gentleman who handmade a batch and was selling them on Facebook.
Lots of tenkara mojo.

We also went out to lunch at one of our favorite fish markets on the St. John's River. I had a blackened shimp Po' Boy. It was great. This was the view from our table for about 15 minutes. Then the afternoon thunderstorm rolled through and changed things up a bit.

Lilly wanted to try her hand a fishing too, and with the downtime between dinner and fireworks we hit a neighborhood pond. She fished with foam grasshoppers for the first time and was having fun watching the bluegills come up and hit the fly on the top. After a bit of trial and error...

...she figured out the timing to set the hook on a rising fish.
Quite a few to be exact. She did great!

We actually went to the "BIG" fireworks on the 3rd, so on the 4th we stayed home and watched the neighbors shoot off all sorts of stuff from our driveway. They were great seats to observe the craziness at the cul de sac a bit down the way.

No fireworks for us though.
We did sparklers instead, and drank a few adult beverages.
Well except for Lilly, who was more concerned with holding her ears.  :)

And with that, and a lazy Sunday which produced no photo ops, the long weekend was over. Back to the grind...only 5 more days until next weekend, right?


  1. The kebari necklace is way cool.

  2. Highlight for me is seeing Lily catching some Bluegills on the rod. You are raising her right, Mark and K.C.

  3. ...a way to piece together a blog post when there isn't really one.

    Dang. I thought I had everyone fooled. But thanks for the nod just the same, my friend.

    And remember, next time you make it to CMS...

  4. Mike,
    What ever happened to "small streams"

    1. I think it died a death out of lack of interest.
      Some of the folks from over there have migrated to http://www.tenkara-fisher.com/forum.php
      It's primarily a tenkara site, but a lot of the small stream vibe is still there...

  5. It's nice to have a convenient way to use all those pictures that bloggers take looking for a great shot. Consider it a win.