July 13, 2015

It's ICAST / IFTD Week!

It's here...just down the road...

A lot of stuff to look at...

A perk of living in Florida is the fact that I can just hop in the car and drive to the ICAST / IFTD show in Orlando. It's a short drive, and I can get in and out in one day. As an active member of the fishing press (yeah, I laugh at that too), I'm all media credentialed up and ready to go again this year. (Most likely on Thursday).

While I'm certain that in wandering the aisles I'll take a spin through many of the rods, reels, kayaks, and other notable fishing gear that the big guys have to offer, I found when attending last year seeking out some more random or niche products was far more entertaining.

Like this year...who doesn't want more info on the latest developments in hand-lining...the exact opposite of tenkara?

The Squiddies Hand Reel - who needs a rod?

With that, is there anything that you, the readers of this blog would like me to go seek out and include in my post-show write ups?  Brands, products, gizmos, whatever...? Doesn't necessarily have to be fly fishing. I'm not shy, you name it, I'll try to find it.

Looking forward to any suggestions in the comments below...

For last year's ICAST / IFTD recaps, click HERE.


  1. Any new packs or bags.....I am a bag whore.

    Also the new Redington line or rods. I am wanting a 10ft 4 or 5wt.

  2. I'm a big fan of anything interesting.

    I wish I could attend this show.

  3. See if GLoomis has any plans to bring the GLoomis Venture fly reel? Check out my post a while back I wrote concerning the advantages of using this great fly reel
    Thanks for sharing

  4. My cousin, Cody Kelley, will be there. He's a pro on the FLW tour and has a big announcement...won't tell me what it is. Maybe he'll tell you!

  5. Curious to see if there are some new angling kayaks...especially any from Diablo Paddlesports or any sup/yak hybrid type angling yaks.

  6. Mike, you know me, I would look at the Budget Minded Gear. I think there is a growing and very needed market for those of us who fit into that category. Bet you will have a great report for us!