July 26, 2015

DIY Storage Solution For BIG Tenkara Rods

A few years back I wrote a Tenkara Tuesday post about re-purposing an inexpensive pool cue rack that is commonly found at Walmart for storing and displaying tenkara rods. It was a very well received post, and I know more than a few people that have purchased billiards racks for their homes since.


Well, I recently purchased a WISCO rod from Badger Tenkara. Supersized for big fish, the WISCO has a very prominent handle when compared to most "normal" tenkara rods and wouldn't fit in my rod racks (as currently screwed in the wall).


What to do? Keep it in it's rod tube? Prop it in the corner of the room? Nah...
A quick trip to the local hardware store yielded this 3-pack of wall clips (intended to hold items like brooms or rakes by their handles) for about $3.



With an easy one screw installation...


...crisis averted...a walled WISCO!


Sure, it might not be quite as elegant as the wooden wall rack to the left, but it keeps the rod alongside its smaller brothers and sisters, and just plain works.

Just thought I'd pass this option along, should you be in the market for, or already own an oversized tenkara rod like the WISCO and want to show it off.

Do you have any tenkara rod storage or display tricks? 
Feel free to share in the comments below...


  1. Mike, I have not tried Tenkara up to this point in time. However, I do find it interesting that the need to be somewhat frugal in our expenses for our fly fishing needs seems to be uniform no matter what technique we choose to use...................

    1. Always fun to find (inexpensive) solutions to problems.

  2. Any chance we'll get a review of the wisco soon? I haven't found one online yet, and would like some thoughts before I get one shipped to me in Tennessee. I'm thinking swinging smallish baitfish flies for smallies and tailwater trout.

    1. I can at some point. First impressions to pass along, it's a nice rod. It's a little heavier in hand in comparison to other tenkara rods, but it's also much beefier. It casts the Badger floating line quite well. I'm tossing beadhead streamers like woolly buggers on about 20' of line with it. I'm not going to lie, I haven't gotten into any BIG fish with it yet (which was my reason for buying) so I really can't comment on how it handles them.

    2. I appreciate it! It's still a tenkara rod no matter how beefy, so I'll be happy as long as it casts longer heavier lines well.

  3. Simple, and so very effective. Great ingenuity, Mike!

  4. Do they make that rod rack in 10-20 rod sizes? ;)

    1. I know what you mean, I actually have 2 of those racks...only one is pictured.