July 18, 2015

A Week of ICAST / IFTD 2015 Recaps Coming...

Starting tomorrow (Sunday), almost a full week of 2015 ICAST / IFTD recap posts will begin here on the blog. Thought I'd take the opportunity to outline what's coming...

2015 IFTD Iron Fly Competition
Thursday's Iron Fly competition; Michael Schmidt (center) was the eventual champion.

  • Sunday - Boats, Kayaks, SUPs, and other floaty things
  • Monday - Lunch with L.L. Bean; they fed me, they get their own post...
  • Tuesday - Tenkara Tuesday; the best of tenkara at ICAST / IFTD 
  • Wednesday - Apparel, Wading, Packs
  • Thursday - Rods, Reels, & Randomness
  • Friday - BesT! in Show

In the meantime, check out THIS LINK over at Costa Sunglasses. They were at the show (obviously selling sunglasses and apparel into retailers), but also championing the cause in conjunction with Washed Ashore to reduce the use of plastics with the #kickplastic campaign.

costa marlin kickplastic

washed ashore plastic

The amount of plastic that ends up in the world's oceans is staggering; and to show what that looks like a huge marlin was created and placed in the entryway of the show sculpted exclusively of ocean trash. In addition to water bottles, things like golf balls, flip flops, tooth brushes, shotgun shells, you name it show up in the trash fish...pretty incredible, it really makes you think about your own personal consumption.


  1. Mike, looking forward to seeing and reading all that you can bring us out here in BlogBuddy land.

    That piece of Art Work is spectacular. Bravo to the support that this movement needs.

    1. It was even more impressive in person Mel. I really should have taken some close up pictures...it's amazing all the trash they utilized to construct it.

  2. That marlin is extremely impressive. While it's a beautiful piece of work, it really does get you thinking about how much trash is out there. Sad.

  3. Just read all the reviews from last to first. Well done, Mike! Thanks for covering the show.

    1. Thanks Dean, I'm glad you enjoyed them. They were fun to write.