June 28, 2015

Fishing Goodie Box Of The Month Clubs

Over the past few years, there's been a growing trend in internet retail around what I'll call monthly "goodie box" subscriptions. I think most of the subscriptions I first noticed were those for clothing or personal care products, like those from Trunk Club or Birchbox. For those unfamiliar, you essentially receive an assortment of products based on your personal preferences every 30 or so days, like clockwork.

Well, when something works, or at least appears that it works, it isn't long until it trickles down into other areas. Heck, I noticed advertisements for this box of pop-culture geekdom from Lootcrate on my Facebook feed not too long ago.

Fishing, even fly fishing, has not been spared. There are several goodie box providers these days geared toward those that pursue fish, or simply enjoy the outdoors. While I haven't subscribed to any myself, here's a few that I've noticed (and I'm sure I'm missing a few).

Mystery Tackle Box

I think this is the granddaddy of the fishing goodie boxes...it's certainly the one I remember being around the longest. The concept behind Mystery Tackle Box is simple, $15 gets you a box of "mystery" baits or lures each month...for as long as you want to play.

Postfly Box

Postfly box is much like Mystery Tackle Box in concept. $15...a monthly delivery. What makes it different is that it is flies, or fly fishing items. You can also sign up for what sort of box you want to receive - geared toward trout, bass, salmon, saltwater, etc... Because getting a box of salmon stuff each month when you live in say Texas probably isn't the best combination. Postfly also has a storefront for things like reels and accessories outside of the monthly subscription eco-system.

The Fly Crate

The Fly Crate is up next, and they are a monthly fly club that allows members to discover new trout flies every month. Plans start at $14 (for 6 flies) and go up to $24 for 12 flies.  Interestingly, the subscription also includes a membership to Trout Unlimited and a little insert called "Guide Magazine" which provides knowledge and tips on the contents. If you're a trout angler, The Fly Crate looks like a great option for you.


Cairn isn't fishing. Rather it's more "outdoors lifestyle." Think Clif Bars, bug spray, solar chargers, water bottles, stuff like that. At $25 a month, this one probably interests me more than the others, simply because it seems like it would serve up more randomness each month, a true grab bag. That said, as I mentioned, it's not fishing, so if you're not super-outdoorsy, you might end up getting stuff you'd never use.

I'd also be negligent if I didn't state that these goodie boxes are also marketed as ideal gift giving vehicles, so if you've got a fisherperson in your family that you just don't know what to get them for a birthday (or other holiday), perhaps this is an ideal option.

In the end, maybe these goodie boxes are for you, maybe they're not. The compelling thing to me is simply the anticipation of not knowing what you're going to get. The childhood "Christmas Morning" phenomenon delivered to your door monthly. Here's hoping these boxes contain more GI Joes & Transformers and less socks & underwear.

Did I miss a fishing club you're fond of? 
I'd love it if you'd post it in the comments below...


  1. Postfly has shown up on my FB page and I have to say that it's inviting. Who doesn't enjoy fly fishing stuff in the mail?

  2. Hi, Mike. Thanks for doing a rundown on what might be available. Even though I have not dabbled as of yet on this practice, like Howard said, it is inviting. I have seen both PostFly and MysteryTackleBox quite often as I view the 'net.

  3. I can see this as a great gift idea, but otherwise - I'm kinda "meh" on the whole idea...

  4. Try MonthlyFly.com - they have a subscription fly fishing box that matches the hatch

  5. I've been getting the Lucky Tackle Box Fly box the past two months. It's all Umpqua flies, leaders, and tools.

  6. What about LUCKY TACKLE BOX! Not only do you get a box full of new baits but you also get how-to videos showing you how to use each one. www.luckytacklebox.com

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  8. Lucky Tackle Box is skimpy for the price. $20 gets you only 6 flys a leader and some lead split shot weights.

    Looking for another answer to my random fly fishing goodie needs.

  9. Nice breakdown. I have used lucky tackle box. In interested in what others think of postfly, monthly fly and flypack. I think since this was written there has been more company's popping up that offer fly fishing goodie boxes. It would be cool to see all of then pitted head to head against each other.