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Fishing Goodie Box Of The Month Clubs

Over the past few years, there's been a growing trend in internet retail around what I'll call monthly "goodie box" subscriptions. I think most of the subscriptions I first noticed were those for clothing or personal care products, like those from Trunk Club or Birchbox. For those unfamiliar, you essentially receive an assortment of products based on your personal preferences every 30 or so days, like clockwork.

Well, when something works, or at least appears that it works, it isn't long until it trickles down into other areas. Heck, I noticed advertisements for this box of pop-culture geekdom from Lootcrate on my Facebook feed not too long ago.

Fishing, even fly fishing, has not been spared. There are several goodie box providers these days geared toward those that pursue fish, or simply enjoy the outdoors. While I haven't subscribed to any myself, here's a few that I've noticed (and I'm sure I'm missing a few).

Mystery Tackle Box

I think this…

Fly Fishing Branding Alliances - Topo X Tenkara Rod Co.

Was bouncing around the internet last night and came across this collaboration between Topo Designs and the Tenkara Rod Co.  Pretty slick.

Topo has been doing these "X" collaborations for a little bit now; you'll find Topo X Howler Bros., Topo X Salomon, Topo X Woolrich, etc...products all over their website. I think it's a pretty interesting branding exercise, and from their generous use, one that I suppose works well for them, especially when the two companies offer complimentary products.
Personally, I'd love to see a Tenkara Company TBD X Vedavoo or X ZimmerBuilt collab (although in the case of the former it happened in a limited way, and in the case of the latter I guess there is sort of one right now, without as bold of a dual-branding marketing message). 
There's probably also an opportunity for a performance fishing apparel brand too if both parties found it to be mutually beneficial.
Nike X, that'd never happen...
Or maybe brands just …

Tenkara Tuesday - Comfort Food & Trout Streams

I don't really consider myself some sort of "destination angler," but between last fall's Tenkara Summit, a trip to Philadelphia, and last month's Wisconsin venture, it seems like I've been seeking as much out of state trout fishing as I have been chasing bass, bluegill, shad, redfish, and other species locally within the Sunshine State.

It's not that I dislike fishing in Florida. Florida fishing is tough to beat. It also tends to be more high impact, more extreme. The gear is bigger, the water is warmer, the sun is more intense. Oh, and the mosquitoes. Add that all together and it can be an exhausting combination...especially if you involve watercraft of any sort. It's just not the same sort of escape as a trout stream. It's just different, and that is fine.
In search of a good recharge from the work week, I headed to North Georgia last weekend to fish some trout streams that my friend first introduced me to last year. Driving the six or so hour…

#TenkaraTuesday Is Evidently A Thing Now...

The American Museum of Fly Fishing is on board...

It’s #tenkaratuesday at the AMFF! Pictured is a 15 ft. tenkara rod (maker unknown) on exhibit in our gallery — AMFF (@flyfishmuseum) June 9, 2015
...and even Tenkara USA...

Welcome to Tenkara Tuesday! We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. *Today we're going to make this super easy....
Posted by Tenkara USA on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Welcome back to Tenkara Tuesday!*Tell us, if you could use only ONE fly on your next fishing adventure, which fly would...
Posted by Tenkara USA on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Welcome back to Tenkara Tuesday! 'Like' & 'Comment' to enter.*If you could pick anyone to go fishing with, who (or...
Posted by Tenkara USA on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

All the Tenkara Tuesday-ing around here suddenly seems legit! Happy #tenkaratuesday

Guest Post - Angler Eye Safety

My buddy Spurky from central PA decided to send over a guest post the other day. I always enjoy a guest post from Spurky because he's a top notch spin fisherman...and my lure fishing Sensei. Posts from him change things up around here every now and then and take you from hooks and feathers to spinners and spoons.

In this post he explores safety on the water, particularly eye safety, something anglers probably take for granted until it's too late.

Please enjoy.

Safety while fishing, do we really think about it?

Nowadays, parents have kids basically in bubble wrap to do anything. Sorry, but I grew up in an era without child seats, riding in bed of pick ups, etc... Back to the point in hand, I tend to go fishing a lot, and picked up a few things.

The safety aspect I believe is most important to fishing is eye safety. I work as a mechanic so I have to wear safety glasses all day. My glasses have prescription lenses, so I basically wear safety glasses all the time, paid for by work. …

Ghosts Of Tenkara USA Rods Past

I love tenkara rods. If you read this blog regularly, that fact is pretty self evident.
Having fished primarily Tenkara USA rods for almost six years now, it's been interesting to see the various models come and go from their line-up.

While it's nothing really uncommon, rods are retired as newer versions are introduced all the time from other makers, it's been such a relatively short period of time many can probably remember them all. Could you imagine if you could say the same about the Orvis rod line up?

Here's a list of some the rods I recall, images and copy courtesy of Tenkara USA (& Backpacking Light) via the magic of the "Wayback Machine"

Backpacking Light Hane

This was an interesting little rod. Maybe the first tenkara collaboration, the Hane was the shortest Tenkara USA rod available at the time at slightly under 10 feet, and was a "special make up" that was only sold via the Backpacking Light website. It's sort of become a collector…