May 15, 2015

5 People That Instagram Tenkara Right

Over the past two years, I've really had fun tooling around Instagram looking at photos of the topics I enjoy. While my contributions to the social media platform have been less than stellar, digging into fly fishing, Star Wars, roller derby, and Florida lifestyle hashtags have opened my eyes to a ton of different people that I don't typically interact with via the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

As I've immersed myself in the tenkara content via the Tenkaragram project, I've noticed there are a handful of folks that really cover the subject well. Here are five of my favorites; some may be familiar, others new, but either way I think they're worthy of your "follow."

In no particular order...

The official Instagram account of Tenkara Rod Co., these guys absolutely slay it on Instagram. I'm not sure if they do this themselves, or have an ad agency or what, but lots of great photos, a nice amount of videos mixed in, and a huge follower base...seems like their posts receive about 400-500 likes on average, a staggering number.

The user types descriptions in Japanese, but the pictures speak for themselves. Tons of beautiful fish and landscape can't go wrong with any of posts this account pushes out to the world.

This Instagram account posts wonderful photos with fishing, camping, and handmade goods
as the subject. Sort of a hipster aesthetic, but I still dig it a lot.
A Japanese user, but the posts are in English.

Yes, you probably know Jason Sparks as the tenkara evangelist and have encountered him first elsewhere - Facebook, the Appalachian Tenkara Jam, or perhaps one of the clinics he puts on locally in the North Carolina area.  And yes, these photos usually get cross-posted to you can view them there too...but I have to give credit where it's due. Jason has a great eye for photography, especially macro shots, and he's consistently one of the top creators of tenkara content on Instagram.

I've been a big fan of Dave Blackhurst's tenkarautah account for a while. All of the pictures of fish, scenery, or the random tenkara doo-dad are all bright, colorful, and full of life. If you've been following him for a while, you may have once known his account as 10karafish, this is the current destination.
Photos like his make me want to get out and fish Utah again.

Honorable Mentions that are also worth a follow:

Have a favorite Tenkara Instagram account? 
Feel free to share in the comments below...


  1. @heliosgear has photos of tenkara kebari and outdoor adventures, interspersed with occasional family nonsense.

  2. Ok, who does Tenkara right on the Internet?

    1. Adam - That's a far more difficult question, since the internet is so broad and criteria could be varied. Instagram was simple, since the idea of the app (in a few words) is to share compelling pictures. You can do anything and everything on the internet, it's so diverse.

      That said, the 5 or so sites that I bookmark and consume whenever new content is published are: Tenkara USA, Tenkara Talk, Tom Davis' Teton Tenkara (a must for rod reviews), Kevin Fricke's Tenkara Rising (photography), and yes, Tenkara-Fisher, although a forum can ebb and flow depending on the topics and quality of contributors (although individual contributors like Keiichi's Genryu topic can be superb).

      Anthony Naples' Casting Around, TenkaraBum is a wealth of information, and I think Isaac Tait's Fallfish Tenkara is on the come and worth looking at...and I haven't even touched on "foreign" sites...those written in Japanese or another language and translated, like Oni's English site or Christophe's Tenkara Normandie/Enso...or heck, even the guys over at Discover Tenkara. Phew...I know I forgot more than I'd like...but there's a few to come to mind.